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Fine & Visual Arts


The Bachelor of Visual Arts will introduce you to several art forms. You'll develop ideas through drawing, research and project design, and focused study in one studio area. You'll study art history and theory, studio methodologies and professional practices, and be familiar with the field of contemporary art. You will exhibit work each year in the art school gallery and be prepared to exhibit publicly.



  • Media 2018 1

    Media 2018 1

  • Painting 2018 1

    Painting 2018 1

  • Painting 2018 2

    Painting 2018 2

  • Photo 2018 1

    Photo 2018 1

  • Photo 2018 2

    Photo 2018 2

  • Sculpture 2018 1

    Sculpture 2018 1

  • Sculpture 2018 2

    Sculpture 2018 2

  • textile 2018 1

    textile 2018 1

Studio Disciplines

As New Zealand’s oldest public art school, we have a tradition of teaching excellence with the support of world-class facilities – ensuring that you reach your full potential. Teaching is across eight specific studio areas. This degree provides a perfect bridge into further learning as you select from a range of subjects initially and then move into full specialisation, focusing your talents in your chosen field.

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