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Research stories

Kiri Mitchell Turf

"I am woman"

Kiri Mitchell

M Wassenaar Diamond Dust XI landscape

Carbon capture

Marion Wassenaar

Rachel Allan 1 1 4

Animal instincts

Rachel Hope Allan

Emergent Seas

Emergent Seas

Pam McKinlay

Urban Erasure 002

Urban Erasures

Alex Kennedy

fig 7. Cyndy Simon Swale PHO

The Body Political

Victoria Bell, Andrew Last

Contact by Andrew Last Jodie Gibson copyright DSA all rights reserved

Making contact

Andrew Last

Michele Beevors IMG 0002

Caring for the dead

Michele Beevors

Genome flow cells

Identity politics

Johanna Zellmer

Migrant Objects

Migrant Objects

Michael Greaves

Recast  1010441

Cultural composition

Federico Freschi

Night Journal Blue Head and Apples smaller

"Night Journal"

Graham Fletcher

Flight Perth 20 small

Taking Flight

Neil Emmerson

frost TNN 2015

A requiem in three parts

Neil Emmerson

Marion Wassenaar Ties that Bind Fig3

Ties that bind

Marion Wassenaar

Time and Tide Still Net

Time and Tide

David Green

Boros Bunker Berlin Astrid Westvang 17 Oct 2009 CC BY NC ND 2.0

Trauma architecture

Leoni Schmidt

NAT gen HoihoHospital 007 small

Wildlife art

Marion Wassenaar

Michael Morley Burst Mode Slight Return oil on canvas

A blank canvas

Michael Morley