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Here the teachers teach you your learning styles so you actually find out how to learn and the teachers work with you through that whole process. It’s much better than school.

Danni Cousins
Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 2) and (Level 3)

Danni Cousins had been working part-time in retail and wanted to study, but had been out of school for a while and hadn’t achieved well academically. She knew she needed to find a programme that would help her bridge the gap and get up to speed. This was when she discovered the Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 3) at Otago Polytechnic.

“I thought it would be really difficult initially. I had a really bad experience at school and was also bullied so I didn’t have much faith in learning. But I’ve been really surprised by this programme.

“Learning-wise I have a bigger opening now. I can now do Maths and write an essay. My future looks brighter. Next year I’m going to do the Diploma in Outdoor Leadership and Management as I love tramping and mountain-biking.

“I would really recommend this programme to anyone who struggled at school. It’s not the same here – it’s completely different.”

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The support here is marvellous and staff don’t limit your options. They let you know that anything is possible.

Andrew Trevathan
Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 2) and (Level 3)

Andrew Trevathan is 18 years old and was persuaded into doing the Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 2) by his father.

“It took a lot of convincing to get me to come here. After two to three weeks of starting the programme, I started to relax. My classmates are great. We’re all like one big family here.”

Andrew soon completed the Level 2 qualification and then enrolled in the Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 3) in semester two. Over that time he has worked hard on his English comprehension and vocabulary.

“At first I couldn’t understand the meaning of words, but the teachers here keep trying different methods until you get it. I’ve built up my vocabulary now and it’s given me a lot of confidence. I was also voted by my classmates to be class representative and it’s given me a forum to collect people’s ideas, take them to meetings and be heard.

"I would strongly encourage other people to do this programme. I’ve had an enjoyable experience, met wonderful people and made friends for life.”

Eventually Andrew hopes to go on and study the Bachelor of Social Services.

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It’s amazing. It’s really catered to my style of learning. The way of teaching is different and the people I have met are lovely.

Johan Prent
Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 2) and (Level 3)

Johan Prent is one step closer to achieving his dream of becoming a police officer, thanks to Otago Polytechnic’s Certificate in Foundation Studies (Level 3).

The 17 year old who found school very “stressful and annoying” found out about the programme through his sister and has been pleased with the supportive environment.

“It’s definitely worthwhile as it’s such a friendly environment. You don’t get discriminated against here.

“I now have better time management, and also better essay writing skills. I know that these skills will help me to succeed in the future. Next year I will be studying the Diploma in Outdoor Leadership and Management and then I hope to go to the Police Academy and become a police officer.”