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Emma Hogg
Head of Business Programmes Emma.Hogg@op.ac.nz


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  Anne Macleod
Senior Lecturer Anne.Macleod@op.ac.nz

Anne has been at Otago Polytechnic for a number of years. She teaches on the New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) L3 and L4 program Anne is also involved in training, work based assessment and flexible delivery. Having a sound knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher. Anne's speciality area is in Computer Software for Administration.

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Caryn Hayes
Lecturer Caryn.Hayes@op.ac.nz

  Chris Fraser
Lecturer Chris.Fraser@op.ac.nz

Chris is a lecturer at the School of Applied Business. Chris has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and a Master of Business Administration, both from Otago. Over the last 15 years he has alternated between operating his own management consulting business and working as a senior manager in the New Zealand health sector. Roles he has held in the health sector include senior advisor to the Minister of Health and General Manager of Planning and Funding for the Southern District Health Board. Chris commenced part time lecturing at the Otago Polytechnic in 2011.

Publications and Research

Osborne, P., Atkins, S., Schaddelee, M., Lion, K. and Fraser, C. (2014) Problem based learning at Otago Polytechnic: developing a research programme. Workshop at the Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference, SIT, Invercargill, 1-3 October.

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Craig West
Senior Lecturer Craig.West@op.ac.nz

  Ehtasham Ghauri
Lecturer Ehtasham.Ghauri@op.ac.nz

Dr Ehtasham Ghauri joined Otago Polytechnic in April 2018. In addition to PhD in accounting from University of Otago, Ehtasham holds three postgraduate degrees, in marketing, business administration and strategic HRM. Prior to joining OP, he has taught at the University of Otago and worked in global organisations such as Bristol Myers Squibb, UCB and LEK. His current teaching activities relate to accounting courses such as taxation, auditing and management accounting.
Ehtasham has also published in various accounting as well as management journals, and presented his research at esteemed forums such as Academy of Management and PMAA. His research interests include performance evaluation, employee attitude and behaviour, social influence, diversity and sustainability.

Publications and Research

Ghauri, E; Adler R. (2019) Performance Evaluation Social Influence and Academics Performance Behaviours. Eastern Academy of Management Meeting, Delaware,USA, 8-11 May.

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  Helen Geytenbeek
Senior Lecturer Helen.Geytenbeek@op.ac.nz

Helen has a Hotel Management and Contract Catering background and has been with Otago Polytechnic for approximately twelve years. Her main role is in training students to recognise the needs of customers in any sector of the Hospitality/Tourism/Business Industry. Her passion is to enthuse other in gaining a sense of adventure for the travel and tourism industry but also a sense of personal excellence in the business industry as a whole. Her drive is to assist in producing graduates that can influence and help to make positive changes for the future of the industry.

Hilary Jenkins
Senior Lecturer Hilary.Jenkins@op.ac.nz

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  Julie Notman
Senior Lecturer Julie.Notman@op.ac.nz

Julie has been teaching at Otago Polytechnic since 1994. She teaches in the Business School on the Business Administration programmes including Xcellerate and the Diploma of Executive Administration. As a trained, registered teacher, she has gained industry experience and taught in secondary schools and business colleges in Dunedin and London. She is passionate about teaching and learning, future education at all stages of life and the opportunities that Otago Polytechnic has to offer.

  Lesley Gill
Principal Lecturer Lesley.Gill@op.ac.nz

Lesley is a Principal Lecturer in the College of Enterprise and Development, with a training emphasis on Leadership, Human Resource Development, and Organisational Behaviour, as well as providing supervision for Internship projects. Lesley also supports Otago Polytechnic staff through Resilience workshops.The focus of Lesley's research is emotional intelligence, which predominantly spans resilience, self-awareness and empathy training design, with a successful portfolio of national and international publications and conferences. Emotional intelligence is a key set of abilities that helps people manage change and interpersonal relationships in their life.

Publications and Research

Atkins, S., Gill, L.J., Schaddelee, M., & Tonny, T. (2018) Gathering sufficient talent for the upcoming generation’s defining and looming catastrophe: A global shortage of drinkable water. Discussion session at the 29th International Congress for Applied Psychology/Montreal.

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  Lynn Brandham
Senior Lecturer Lynn.Brandham@op.ac.nz

Lynn is Senior Lecturer on the Certificate and Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism programmes. She holds qualifications in travel and teaching and her employment background is in Travel Agency management. Lynn is passionate in encouraging students to have enthusiasm for learning all aspects of the travel and tourism industries.

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Melissa Clarke-Fuller
Lecturer Melissa.Clarke-Fuller@op.ac.nz

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  Phil Osborne
Principal Lecturer Phil.Osborne@op.ac.nz

This description is unashamedly stolen from (http://eropei.blogspot.co.nz), you should have a look...
"I'm always on the lookout for wisdom. I collect it. My hope is that a little rubs off on me. The great thing is, there's more wisdom than I can ever find, so it's a pretty secure job. As I get older, I may be able to contribute as well as collect. Mashup a little of what I've collected into something new. Add it to the commons. Expand wealth

Connect with me on LinkedIn : linkedin.com/in/otagophilly

Publications and Research

Osborne, P. (2017) Taking the plunge: diving into self-assessment. Assessing Learning Conference, Otago Polytechnic, 29 Nov - 1 Dec.

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  Rachel Byars
Principal Lecturer Rachel.Byars@op.ac.nz

Rachel has a background in both hotel and food and beverage management, both in New Zealand and overseas. She has qualifications in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management, a Masters of Education (Adult) and a Graduate Certificate in E-learning. She teaches on the Diploma and Degree programmes, across management subjects as well as the Tourism and Event majors.

Publications and Research

Mann, S., Allen, E., Ker, G., Byars, R., Thompson, M., & Jenkins, H. (2014) Mobile devices to increase student engagement in constructivist tertiary vocational education during #NPF14LMD. Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education Conference (ASCILITE), Dunedin, November.

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  Stephen Atkins
Principal Lecturer Stephen.Atkins@op.ac.nz

Stephen is Research Coordinator (Business) in the College of Art, Design, & Architecture. He lectures in business research methods, societal/ethical issues in business management, and organisational behaviour. Stephen's research interests include personality-fit-in-the-workplace, cross-cultural/mixed-methods R&D for career-guidance, and cognitions for social marketing. He also undertakes teamwork optimisation and team mission analysis in regards to humanitarian projects overseas and more-generally, volunteer staffing research.

Since April, 2000, Stephen has authored or co-authored over fifty peer-reviewed research outputs, including in the international journals: Tourism Research, Human Performance, Human Resource Management, Public Personnel Management, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, and Motor Behavior, and in internationally-edited books published by Wiley, Routledge, CABI/Oxford, Palgrave-McMillan, and Springer. His second career as a research academic was preceded by twenty years in various supervisory or management roles, with most of these in the spacecraft ops/engineering and manned-spaceflight engineering sectors (although in most of those years, still focused on the rigorous assessment of human behaviour, human capabilities, and human-to-systems interactions). His primary research context now is in the assessment of human capabilities and the talent-requirements for providing near-real-time (NRT) technical support to humanitarian water-aid teams and surface water-quality monitors. The latter has seen his recent return to the spacecraft-based Earth Observation (EO) research arena, as regards ground-truthing samples for EO of surface water qualities.

Publications and Research

Atkins, S., Gill, L.J., Schaddelee, M., & Tonny, T. (2018) Gathering sufficient talent for the upcoming generation’s defining and looming catastrophe: A global shortage of drinkable water. Discussion session accepted at the 29th International Congress for Applied Psychology/Montreal.

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  Vijay Kumar
Lecturer Vijay.Kumar@op.ac.nz

Vijay, joined Otago Polytechnic in May 2019. Vijay is finishing his PhD in Tourism Management from University of Waikato, he holds a Masters degree in Tourism Management. Prior to joining the OP, he has taught Tourism, Hospitality and Business programs at New Education Group and worked in Tourism Industry for organisations such as Cox and Kings Ltd and Make My Trip. His current teaching activities relate to Tourism and Business Management courses such as tourism Enterprises, Tourism Marketing, Tourism planning, destination management and strategic management.His research interests include tourism destination management, cruise ship tourism, visitor behaviour, sustainable tourism and socio-cultural and economic impacts of tourism.