Otago Polytechnic

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

Kay Lion
Programme Leader - BAM KayL@op.ac.nz

  Lynn Brandham
Team Leader - Tourism lbrandham@op.ac.nz

Lynn is Senior Lecturer on the Certificate and Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism programmes. She holds qualifications in travel and teaching and her employment background is in Travel Agency management. Lynn is passionate in encouraging students to have enthusiasm for learning all aspects of the travel and tourism industries.


Craig West
Senior Lecturer craigw@op.ac.nz

  Anne Macleod
Senior Lecturer annem@op.ac.nz

Anne has been at Otago Polytechnic for a number of years. She teaches on the National Certificate in Business Administration program, Xcellerate program. Anne is also involved in training, work based assessment and flexible delivery. Having a sound knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, MYOB and AcePay, Annes speciality area is in Computer Software for Administration.

  Chris Fraser
Lecturer cfraser@op.ac.nz

Chris is a lecturer at the School of Applied Business. Chris has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and a Master of Business Administration, both from Otago. Over the last 15 years he has alternated between operating his own management consulting business and working as a senior manager in the New Zealand health sector. Roles he has held in the health sector include senior advisor to the Minister of Health and General Manager of Planning and Funding for the Southern District Health Board. Chris commenced part time lecturing at the Otago Polytechnic in 2011.

Publications and Research

Osborne, P., Atkins, S., Schaddelee, M., Lion, K. and Fraser, C. (2014). Problem based learning at Otago Polytechnic: developing a research programme. Workshop at the Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference, SIT, Invercargill, 1-3 October.

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Hillary Jenkins
Senior Lecturer hillaryj@op.ac.nz

  Julie Notman
Lecturer jnotman@op.ac.nz

Julie began at Otago Polytechnic in 1994. She currently teaches on the Business Administration programme and Xcellerate Diploma of Executive Administration. As a trained and registered teacher, she has taught in schools and business colleges in Dunedin and London gaining industry experience in New Zealand and overseas. She is passionate about further education, teaching and learning at all stages of life and the opportunities that Otago Polytechnic has to offer.

  Lyn Blair
Lecturer LynB@op.ac.nz

Lyn has been working for Otago Polytechnic for 10 years. Before this, she worked with adults in Literacy and numeracy. She currently teaches computing, Organisational management, and Busienss Communication in both the degree and diploma programmes.

  Marjolein (Marje) Schaddelee
Senior Lecturer MarjeS@op.ac.nz

Marje grew up in the Netherlands. She worked in Human Resource Management in the hospitality industry in London and travelled extensively before moving to New Zealand. After working in Wellington and Marlborough, she joined Otago Polytechnics School of Business, which is now part of the College of Enterprise and Development.

Publications and Research

Osborne, P., Atkins, S., Schaddelee, M., Lion, K. and Fraser, C. (2014). Problem based learning at Otago Polytechnic: developing a research programme. Workshop at the National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference, SIT, Invercargill, 1-3 October.

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Phil Osborne
Lecturer posborne@op.ac.nz

  Rachel Byars
Principal Lecturer rbyars@op.ac.nz

Rachel has a background in both hotel and food and beverage management, both in New Zealand and overseas. She has qualifications in Hotel and Food and Beverage Management, a Masters of Education (Adult) and a Graduate Certificate in Elearning. She teaches on the Diploma and Degree programmes, across management subjects as well as the Tourism and Event majors. She is also the course coordinator for the Internship and Industry Projects.

Publications and Research

Mann, S., Allen, E., Ker, G., Byars, R., Thompson, M., Jenkins, H. (2014). Mobile devices to increase student engagement in constructivist tertiary vocational education during #NPF14LMD ASCILITE Conference, Dunedin, November. http://ascilite2014.otago.ac.nz/posters/

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  Dr Stephen Atkins
Research Coordinator (Business) SAtkins@op.ac.nz

Stephen is Research Coordinator (Business) in the College of Enterprise and Development. He lectures in crosscultural management, organisational behaviour, industrial psychology and business research methods. Stephens research interests include cognitions for social marketing, projectbased learning, and personality fit in the workplace. He also undertakes teamwork optimisation and team mission analysis in regards to project and volunteer staffing research.

Publications and Research

Atkins, S. G., Halberstadt, J., Atkins, E. R., & Graham, S. (2014). Are more than the “Big Five” needed when moving higher-order personality factors into the workplace? 13th European Conference on Research Methods for Business and Management Studies hosted by Cass Business School, London

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  Dr Sharleen Howison
Principal Lecturer showison@op.ac.nz

Sharleen completed a Doctorate in Education through Griffith University Brisbane, and currently lectures in stage 2 and 3 papers for the Bachelor of Applied Management in Tourism and Event Majors. She teaches students about Destination Management, Tourism Industry Enterprises, Event Marketing and Sponsorship and Organisation and Management. Sharleen also coordinates the 3rd year Cooperative Education project. She is also the Maori and Pacific Island contact person in the College of Enterprise and Development.

Publications and Research

Howison, S., & Finger, G. (2015). Are Chinese visitors perceptions and expectations being met when travelling in New Zealand? An exploratory study.Pages 130-139 Conference Proceedings APAChrie 15th June 2015 APAChrie Conference Auckland June 10-12, 2015

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Stephanie Chong
Lecturer schong@op.ac.nz

  Lesley Gill
Principal Lecturer lesleyg@op.ac.nz

Lesley is a Principal Lecturer in the College of Enterprise and Development, with a training emphasis on Leadership, Human Resource Development, and Organisational Behaviour, as well as providing supervision for Internship projects. Lesley also supports Otago Polytechnic staff through Resilience workshops.The focus of Lesley's research is emotional intelligence, which predominantly spans resilience, selfawareness and empathy training design, with a successful portfolio national and international publications and conferences. Emotional intelligence is a key set of abilities that helps people manage change and interpersonal relationships in their life.

Publications and Research

Gill, L. J. & Ramsey, P. L. (2012). Shedding light on trust. Asia Pacific Management and Business Application, 1(2), pp. 117-128. http://apmba.ub.ac.id/index.php/apmba/article/view/107

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