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Apprenticeship Managers

GrantBeel S
Grant Beel
Lecturer Grant.Beel@op.ac.nz


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  Alan Fraser
Senior Lecturer Alan.Fraser@op.ac.nz

Alan has worked in the building industry for twenty-five years, mostly in the residential sector. For the last eight years he has been a self-employed builder in Dunedin. Alan started as a carpentry lecturer at Otago Polytechnic in November 2012. He teaches the pre-carpentry course to students working towards gaining a carpentry apprenticeship. His teaching involves a mix of theory and practical work, culminating in the construction of a 3-4 bedroom house.

Bill Morrison
Senior Lecturer Bill.Morrison@op.ac.nz

Brian T2
Brian Turner
Senior Lecturer Brian.Turner@op.ac.nz

  David Finnie
Principal Lecturer David.Finnie@op.ac.nz

David's academic field is in Construction Law and Procurement. He is currently conducting doctoral level research in early-contractor involvement (ECI). He has written a range of journal articles, and technical papers, presented at international conferences, and has advised on a number of projects, including a proposed $150 million re-development of Scott Base, Antarctica.
Beginning his career in construction as an apprentice carpenter, David then worked for six years as a Contracts Managers for a large construction company before beginning teaching in 2010. He progressed his studies, completing a National Diploma in Quantity Surveying, a Bachelor of Construction (Quantity Surveying), and Masters of Construction (Construction Law) and PhD Construction.
David serves on the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS) National Research Committee and is the Educational, is acting Research Coordinator for the College of Engineering, Construction and Living Sciences and serves as the representative on the NZIQS Dunedin Branch Committee. He has also served as a construction degree monitor for NZQA and panel member for new construction degree programmes and has consulted to TANZ eCampus.

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  Kevin Dunbar
Senior Lecturer Kevin.Dunbar@op.ac.nz

Kevin has enjoyed working at the Otago Polytechnic over the last four years. He started as a Technician before progressing to lecturer in January 2010. Kevin has thirty years industry experience and knowledge to pass on. He obtained his teaching certificate in 2011 and lectures in carpentry. He likes working in this interesting and vibrant industry and enjoys getting students skilled and ready for work.

  Matt Thompson
Learning Leader Matt.Thompson@op.ac.nz

Matt started his building career in 1990. He enrolled in the pre-trade carpentry course; the same course he currently teaches. After Matt completed an apprenticeship, he worked in Dunedin as a builder before going overseas. He later returned to Dunedin and began teaching Carpentry at Otago Polytechnic in 2004. Matt is now a Principal Lecturer and is passionate about the building industry and getting people ready to work in it.

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Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

Graham Burgess
Housing Projects Co-ordinator Graham.Burgess@op.ac.nz


Jamie Todd
Lecturer Jamie.Todd@op.ac.nz