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De-Arn Buchholz
School Operations Coordinator De-Arn.Buchholz@op.ac.nz

Head of Department

clive in london
  Clive Humphreys
Acting Head of School Clive.Humphreys@op.ac.nz

Clive is Acting Head of School, a Principal Lecturer and teaches textiles, painting, and drawing. He has been supervising postgraduate studio projects since 1998 and has also chaired and examined postgraduate examinations. Clive has a Honours Diploma in Art and Design from Kingston-upon-Thames School of Art and Design. He is a recipient of an Ako Aotearoa Teaching Excellence Award in 2015. His recent research has consistently developed around the potentials and problems of pictorial composition and its various strategies for engagement of the viewer.

Publications and Research

Humphreys, C. (2017) The Process of Place: Drawings and Paintings, Waiheke Island. Solo exhibition, Waiheke Community Gallery, 20 January - 6 March 2017, including catalogue, The Process of Place Drawings and Paintings, Waiheke Island. Project catalogue, 40 pages (4000 words). ISBN no 978-0-908846-51-1.

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Anita De Soto
Lecturer Anita.DeSoto@op.ac.nz

B Lonie
  Bridie Lonie
Contractor Bridie.Lonie@op.ac.nz

Bridie is a Lecturer in the Dunedin School of Art, teaching Art History Theory and supervising postgraduate candidates. She has a Master of Arts (Art History and Theory) from the University of Otago and is currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of Otago on artists working with climate change. Her research interests include climate change and art in the public arena. Bridie's approach to supervision is to bridge what her postgraduate students bring with the wider historical and theoretical context of art.

Publications and Research

Lonie, B. (2012) Agency, Autonomy and Aura, AAA and OOO. Scope, Contemporary Research Topics,(AAA),Dunedin, Otago Polytechnic, 2012, 13-17, www.thescopes.org

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  David Green
Lecturer David.Green@op.ac.nz

David is an artist and Lecturer in Photography and Electronic Arts.

Publications and Research

Green, D.(also known as Green, B. D.) (2017) Cascade. Master of Fine Arts thesis, Otago Polytechnic.

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Ed Hanfling
Lecturer Ed.Hanfling@op.ac.nz

  Johanna Zellmer
Principal Lecturer Johanna.Zellmer@op.ac.nz

Johanna Zellmer completed a formal apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Germany and a Master's degree at the Australian National University Canberra School of Art. She coordinates the Jewellery & Metalsmithing Studio and the Artist-in-Residence Programme at the Dunedin School of Art. Johanna considers contemporary jewellery to be able to function as an analytical tool or instrument of identity politics, with the possibility for it to be used as a medium of socio-political knowledge. Her work has been presented in New Zealand's TVONE series Neighbourhood (episode 10 North Dunedin) and selected for the Parkin Drawing Prize. Research projects have been shown internationally and are frequently discussed by philosopher Dr Pravu Mazumdar. Johanna helps students grow their making and writing practice in the field of contemporary craft, including their engagement in experimental and traditional exhibition practice via CLINKProjects, which she co-founded with Shane Hartdegen in 2014.

Publications and Research

Hartdegen, S. and Zellmer, J. (2018) CLINKProject: Collaboration – Intervention – Exhibition. Oral presentation Unpacking the Language of Things Symposium, Dowse Art Museum, 12 April 2018, 60min.

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Kiri Mitchell
Lecturer Kiri.Mitchell@op.ac.nz

  Lawrence Ewing
Principal Lecturer Lawrence.Ewing@op.ac.nz

Lawrence teaches the Diploma in Ceramic Arts Glaze paper (Year 1 & 2). He has worked for Otago Polytechnic since 1986 and holds a Diploma in Teaching with distinction. Lawrence's area of expertise is Glaze Chemistry and in the 1990's he was awarded a research prize for developing software that is still used in the glaze chemistry field throughout the world. He currently works from home delivering the content of the Glaze Technology papers via Moodle. Lawrence is also responsible for a number of ceramics-related websites including nzpotters.com which is run by the society New Zealand Potters.

Marion 2
  Marion Wassenaar
Operations Assistant Marion.Wassenaar@op.ac.nz

Marion is a lecturer in the Print Studio and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts from the Dunedin School of Art in 2013. Her art practice includes print, sculpture, photography and curating while her research investigates experimental processes that consider the impact of human activity in the social and ecological environment.

Publications and Research

Wassenaar. M. (2017) Participating in Communities of Practice. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Art & Design, 13, 88-94. September 2017. ISSN (for hardcopy version): 1177-5653; ISSN (for online version): 1177-5661.

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MichaelGreaves square
  Michael Greaves
Senior Lecturer Michael.Greaves@op.ac.nz

Michael is a Senior Lecturer in the Painting studio and holds an MFA (distinction) in Painting, a BA in Art History & Theory, and a Postgraduate degree in Teaching. His research is is driven by the seemingly contradictory world of the maker, the object and the thing. His paintings combine the visual fact and the imaginary proposal of painting in a way that identifies a slippage in our visual sensations.

Publications and Research

Greaves, M.J. (2018) Contingency and the Institutividual June 27-29th 2018,
Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, Vancouver, Canada

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  Michael Morley
Lecturer Michael.Morley@op.ac.nz

Michael is a Lecturer in Drawing within the Dunedin School of Art. His research expertise encompasses Contemporary Art, Drawing, Painting, Video and Sound, and he began working for OP in 2000. Michael holds a Master of Fine Art (Painting) from the University of Canterbury and a BA from the University of Otago.

Publications and Research

Morley, M. and Orcutt, B. (2017) Electric Guitar Duets http://landandseaeditions.virb.com

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  Rachel Allan
Senior Lecturer Rachel.Allan@op.ac.nz

Rachel is a Lecturer in Photography and Electronic Arts and the public liaison for Dunedin School of Art Foundation. She was awarded her Master of Fine Arts with distinction from Dunedin School of Art. Within her practice she utilizes both traditional chemical photographic techniques and modern interpretations to investigate photography's relationship to memory and personal enquiry. Similarly, she questions our relationship to photographs, both chemical and digital, considering their paradoxical messages. Her approach to supervising postgraduate studio work is a practice-led conversation. She is experienced working with students for whom English is a second language.

Publications and Research

Allan, R H (2017) CRASH Rivington Street Gallery in association with Wallplay, New York, 24 June - 3 July

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  Scott Eady
Senior Lecturer Scott.Eady@op.ac.nz

Scott is a Senior Lecturer in Sculpture and graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 1999 with a Master of Fine Arts. He exhibits nationally and internationally on a regular basis and was awarded the prestigious Frances Hodgkins Fellowship at the University of Otago in 2002 and the Wallace Award Development prize in 2003. Scott was selected to exhibit at the Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2012 and the Personal Structures exhibition, Venice Biennale, 2013. He was awarded the Martin Tate Wallace Artist Residency in Vladivostok, Russia, 2016. Scott supervises the studio practice of postgraduate students, whom he challenges to constantly question the content and form of their work.

Publications and Research

Eady, S. (2017) 'From Vladivostok with Love' - a solo exhibition within a suite of solo exhibitions. Solo exhibition at the Pah Homestead, Auckland from 11 July to 10 September 2017. New work created while on the Martin Tate Wallace Arts Trust Residency in 2016. Mostly photographic work taking note of things my wife and children found interesting. For one child this was exploring the city of Vladivostok through the game Pokemon Go. Searching for the tallest statue of Jesus in the world became another preoccupation. Collecting the sounds of live music, church bells and ocean swells; photographing and filming the Russian Pacific fleet from the apartment window; these were shared experiences that informed some of the works produced for this exhibition. Walking the length of the beach every morning picking up sea glass and other tidal detritus; photographing flowers to send home – one photograph a week for each week away became routine ways of dealing with the absence of family.

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Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

Alex K
  Alex Kennedy
Principal Lecturer Alex.Kennedy@op.ac.nz

Alexandra Kennedy is Postgraduate Coordinator and a Principal Lecturer in Art History and Theory and Professional Practices, and supervises at postgraduate level. Alexandra has a Master of Fine Arts. Her practice is located within a context which engages with the zero gesture in painting, addressing the critical relevancy of painting and its ability to reflect upon and engage with its own histories. Hence it could be described as painting about painting, or meta-painting. Making use of the notion of the holes in space created by electronic and digital technologies, there is a reworking this concept as an aesthetic of the void which draws on the conceptual, procedural and material emphasis of non-objective painting and on the conventions of painting as object, formalist minimalism and process based conceptualism. Alexandra exhibits and curates nationally and internationally. As a postgraduate supervisor Alexandra's approach is learner-centred and oriented to theory following practice.

Publications and Research

Kennedy, A. (2017) Abstract Project #46: Asymmetries. Residency and solo show of new paintings at Abstract Projects, a gallery run by Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, France.

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  Andrew Last
Senior Lecturer Andrew.Last@op.ac.nz

Andrew is a Senior Lecturer and the Studio Coordinator for Jewellery Metalsmithing. Originally from Australia, he holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Gold and Silversmithing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and undertook a craft traineeship in 1988 with leading Australian jeweller, Susan Cohn. Andrew is represented in several Australian gallery collections, has exhibited all around the globe and has undertaken numerous guest lecturer and speaker positions. Andrew's art practice has recently shifted to corporate and private commissions for sculpture and jewellery. He is experienced working with Maori and taonga maori. Andrew has a diverse maker practice which overlaps with design. Andrew draws on his combined experience as an educator and practising artist to advise postgraduate students to be suitably ambitious both academically and in their artistic development.

Publications and Research

Last, A. (2017) Tiwai Pendant. Aihuka Art Auction, Otago Musuem. http://otagomuseum.nz/whats-on/do/programme-and-events/event/aihuka-art-auction

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  Graham Fletcher
Senior Lecturer Graham.Fletcher@op.ac.nz

Graham Fletcher is a Senior Lecturer and the Studio Coordinator for Painting. He is also the Pasifika advisor for the Dunedin School of Art. He holds a Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland and has held numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2010, he was awarded The Wallace Arts Trust Developmental Award which consisted of a two month residency at Vermont Studio Centre in the United States. Fletcher's research interests are practice based, within the field of painting. Of particular concern is the critical legacy of the widespread European tradition of housing collections of Oceanic or African tribal art in domestic settings. Of particular relevance, as an artist of mixed Samoan and European heritage, was the question of how this legacy might be appropriated and subverted within a contemporary Pacific and New Zealand context. See www.grahamfletcher.co.nz for more information.

  Jane Venis
Principal Lecturer Jane.Venis@op.ac.nz

Dr Jane Venis is a multi-media artist, musician and writer. Her studio practice focuses on the absurdities and concerns of contemporary popular culture, which is expressed through the making of objects, video, sound and performance works. Recent solo installations have taken place in public galleries and museums in New Zealand and she has contributed to juried group exhibitions in the USA and China. Her current writing links to her studio practice and focuses on how the creative practice of Japanese chindogu can be used to discuss the tension between art and design. Jane is the Academic Leader for Creative Studies and teaches in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the College of Art and Design and Architecture. She has a Master of Fine Arts from the Dunedin School of Art and a PhD in Fine Arts from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia. Jane has eight years' experience supervising postgraduate students. She supports students in their dissertation writing, coming from a position as a practising artist familiar with studio practice.

Publications and Research

Venis, J. (2018) The Olympics of the art world: Allora and Calzadilla’s Track and Field. SAJAH, volume 33(1), 2018.

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ART staff LeonieSchmidt 7
  Leoni Schmidt
Professor and Director: Research & Postgraduate Studies Leoni.Schmidt@op.ac.nz

Professor Leoni Schmidt is the Director: Research and Postgraduate Studies. She is Academic Leader for postgraduate programmes in the Dunedin School of Art, and organises the weekly seminar programme primarily for postgraduate students (also open to the public) and the postgraduate workshop programme to support students with training and development in research methods, writing and presentation skills, and exploration of their own communities of studio practice. Leoni's doctorate, a D Litt et Phil, is from the University of Johannesburg. She also has an MA (Fine Arts) from the University of the Witwatersrand and a BA (Fine Arts) from the University of South Africa, and a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education from Otago Polytechnic. Leoni has supervised many postgraduate students up to Master's level in the Dunedin School of Art and PhD candidates at other institutions, and assessed many postgraduate students for a wide range of universities. There are strands to Leoni's research: contemporary drawing and its political agency, and the interface between trauma architecture and contemporary art. Leoni's alignment between her background in philosophy and art history and theory, and her knowledge of contemporary art practice and studio methods, help students to write about their own research practice.

Publications and Research

Schmidt, L. (2015) Architecture van Brandenburg in an Era of Waste Crisis. South African Journal of Art History, 30 (2):139-145. http://hdl.handle.net/10520/EJC184196. Text initially invited by Architecture van Brandenburg for their exhibition titled "Unfurling" at Rocha Art Gallery, San Francisco, 10 October - 10 December 2015.

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  Mark Bolland
Principal Lecturer Mark.Bolland@op.ac.nz

Mark Bolland is Senior Lecturer, Programme Manager for Undergraduate Programmes, and Studio Co-ordinator for Photography and Electronic Arts at Dunedin School of Art. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, London, with an MA, he has divided his time between teaching, writing and his art practice. Mark's current photographic practice constitutes an ongoing project about image culture and the changing landscape of New Zealand. His photographs are about how experiences of this place are mediated through image and how these landscapes, their histories and people's experiences of them are commodified. He has exhibited photographic work in both the UK and New Zealand. He was a finalist in the 2016 National Contemporary Art Award at the Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand and has had solo exhibitions in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington. He has written essays for exhibition catalogues on a range of artists, including Thomas Demand & Jeff Wall and many articles for journals and magazines, including Art New Zealand, PA Magazine, Photoworks, Portfolio, Source and others. In his teaching and supervision Mark focuses on photography histories and prehistories, and photography's role in contemporary art and our digital culture.

Publications and Research

Bolland, M. (2017) Hierophanies and Apparitions: Some ideas toward an archaeology of the photographic. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Art & Design, 14, November, 8-15. Double blind peer reviewed essay.

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Michelle B
  Michele Beevors
Senior Lecturer Michele.Beevors@op.ac.nz

Michele Beevors is a Senior Lecturer and the Studio Coordinator for Sculpture and Ceramics. She lectures in the undergraduate programme specialising in the History of Modernist Sculpture. She also supervises postgraduate students in the Theory and Practice of Art. Her approach to supervision considers criticality and engagement with contemporary practices.

Michele Beevors holds Master's degrees from the Canberra School of Art (Australian National University) and Columbia University (New York). Her sculptural art practice concerns a feminist perspective and the issue of sustainability, particularly as it affects animals. She is involved with the Aramoana Conservation Charitable Trust.

Publications and Research

Beevors, M. (2017) The Anatomy Lesson: The Dead Heart. Four new large-scale sculptural works exhibited at the University of the Applied Arts, (dieangewandte), Oscar Kokoshka Platz, Vienna, Austria. Curated by Marietta Bonning and Barbara Putz-Plecko, 6th November 2017 - 22nd November 2017.

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  Neil Emmerson
Senior Lecturer Neil.Emmerson@op.ac.nz

Neil Emmerson is a Senior Lecturer and coordinates the Print Studio. Neil has a Master in Visual Arts from the Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. His research expertise spans a broad range of Print-related technologies, Identity Politics, Queer Theory, and Gay and Lesbian History. According to Kirsty Grant (Curator, Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Victoria), his subject matter is political, both in terms of the critical focus it directs towards aspects of contemporary social and cultural life, and through its consistent projection of gay experience into the public realm (excerpt from Contemporary Australian Printmaking). He has been selected for numerous print related survey exhibitions at major public galleries in Australia and New Zealand since the 1990s and his work is held in the collections of major public institutions like the Auckland Art Gallery, Australian National Gallery in Canberra, the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. In 2006 he was awarded the Fremantle Print Award. He has been an artist in residence with Cork Printmakers in Ireland in 2013, and at RMIT University in Melbourne in 2016.

Publications and Research

Emmerson, N. (2017) "Flight". Gallery Central, Northern Metropolitan TAFE, Perth, WA, Australia, 20th April - 6th May 2017.

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RodCloughley S
  Rob Cloughley
Lecturer Robert.Cloughley@op.ac.nz

Rob is the Diploma in Ceramic Art programme coordinator / Ceramic Lecturer within the Dunedin School of Art. He has worked for Otago Polytechnic since 2002 and holds a Master of Fine Art. Rob's practice is in Ceramic Sculpture and he teaches a wide variety of ceramic-related topics.

Publications and Research

Cloughley, R. and Edge, P. (2017) TUBE Installation of work at The Anteroom, Port Chalmers, September 2017.

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Victoria Bell BW Portrait
  Victoria Bell
Lecturer Victoria.Bell@op.ac.nz

Currently Victoria Bell is Undergraduate Programmes Coordinator and Studio Coordinator – Textiles at The Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic, where she has worked since 2007. Her art practice is founded upon a textiles sensibility that is poised between textiles and sculpture, drawing upon the tensions and slippages between art and craft histories. Victoria's research explores in particular ideas about postcolonialism, feminism; identify construction, and the ethics of animal representation. In 2005 she received The Olivia Spencer Bower Award. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from The Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic, Bachelor of Design (Craft Art) from the School of Art & Design, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT), Diploma in Art Aotearoa (Honours) from the Design and Arts College of New Zealand and Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching from Otago Polytechnic. Victoria provides a holistic supportive supervisory relationship for postgraduate students, fostering their ambition and rigour and recognising the importance of community and connection.

Publications and Research

Bell, V. (2015) Drape, Frill and Flounce: An Abbreviated History of the Curtain in the Western Tradition. Symposium paper presented at ‘Art and Design: A Symposium,’ Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin, 16-17 October.

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Support Staff

Pam McKinlay crop
Pam McKinlay
Editorial Assistant Pam.McKinlay@op.ac.nz


Brendon Monson
Technical Teacher Brendon.Monson@op.ac.nz

  Colin Howes
Technical Teacher Colin.Howes@op.ac.nz

Colin is the Technical Teacher for Painting. He has worked in this position since 1994 and holds a Diploma of Fine Arts (Honours).

Publications and Research

Howes, C. (2017) Out of Office, group show. DSA Gallery, Dunedin School of Art, September.

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Jamie Oliphant
Technical Teacher Jamie.Oliphant@op.ac.nz

Steve P
  Steev Peyroux
Technical Teacher Steev.Peyroux@op.ac.nz

Steev is the Technical Teacher in the Printmaking studio. His drawings, which have print processes layered within, play with a balance between representation and abstraction. Steev's work questions how real our perception of life is when so much of the world is invisible to us. It refers to the duality of the conscious and the subconscious, or of the ‘real' world sitting above the dream world. For more information, visit: www.theartistsroom.co.nz

Publications and Research

Peyroux, S. (2017) Out of Office. DSA Gallery, Dunedin School of Art. September 2016.

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Thomas Lord
Technical Teacher Thomas.Lord@op.ac.nz