Otago Polytechnic

Head of Department

  Clive Humphreys
Acting Head of School Principal Lecturer cliveh@op.ac.nz

Clive is Acting Head of School, a Principal Lecturer and teaches Textiles. He has been supervising postgraduate projects since 1998 and has also chaired and examined postgraduate examinations. His research expertise lie in drawing, painting and textiles and his recent research has consistently developed around the potentials and problems of pictorial composition and its various strategies for engagement of the viewer.

Publications and Research

Humphreys, C. (2011). The Print Laboratory Portfolio 2011. [] Published by "The Print Laboratory", the print studio, Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic 2011.

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De-Arn Buchholz
School Operations Coordinator DBuchholz@op.ac.nz

Pam McKinlay
Editorial Liaison | Web Administrator pamm@op.ac.nz

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

  Leoni Schmidt
Professor, Head of School LEONI@op.ac.nz

Leoni Schmidt is a full professor in the School of Art at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand. She leads staff research and postgraduate studies. She supervises candidates in the postgraduate rogrammes and oversees academic quality in the School. Her own research focuses on contemporary drawing and its political agency.

Publications and Research

Schmidt, L. (2014). Commensality in Visual Arts Practices. In: Art and Food, ed. Peter Stupples, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014: pages 103-114.

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  Michele Beevors
Studio Co-ordinator: Sculpture micheleb@op.ac.nz

Michele is the Studio Coordinator for Sculpture and lectures in the undergraduate programme specialising in the History of Modernist Sculpture. She also supervises postgraduate students in the Theory and Practice of Art. Michele holds Masters degrees from the Canberra School of Art (Australian National University) and Columbia University (New York). Her research is driven by a concern for material culture, value and the commodity and by George Batialles idea of formless.

Publications and Research

Beevors, M (2013). MAKING TRACKS < Curated by Paul Hay [] Canberra School of Art Gallery , ISBN 978-0-7315-3078-6

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  Mark Bolland
Programme Manager Undergraduate Programmes, Studio Co-ordinator Photography &amp; Electronic Arts mbolland@op.ac.nz

Mark has been teaching Electronic Arts Photography at Otago Polytechnic since January 2012. He holds an MA from the Royal College of Art, London and has taught photography in the UK and New Zealand. He has written essays for exhibition catalogues, articles for publications such as Art New Zealand and his photographs have appeared in Photoworks, Afterimage and in Critical Dictionary published by Black Dog in 2011.

Publications and Research

Bolland, M. (2012). Cultural Cross-Pollination: Wayne Barrar’s Torbay ti kouka, Art New Zealand, Issue 142 Winter 2012. http://www.art-newzealand.com/Noarticles/issue142.html

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  Neil Emmerson
Studio Co-ordinator: Print NeilE@op.ac.nz

Neil Emmerson Coordinates the Print Studio and his research expertise spans a broad range of Printrelated technologies, Identity Politics, Queer Theory, Gay and Lesbian History and Textiles. According to Kirsty Grant (Curator, Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Victoria), his subject matter is political, both in terms of the critical focus it directs towards aspects of contemporary social and cultural life, and through its consistent projection of gay experience into the public realm.&quot; (Excerpt from Contemporary Australian Printmaking) He has been selected for numerous print related survey exhibitions at major public galleries in Australia since the 1990s and his work is held in the collections of major public institutions like the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. In 2006 he was awarded the Fremantle Print Award.

Publications and Research

Emmerson, N. (2009). GOD (made me do it...) [30 handmade costumes suspended from metal rack.] This exhibition, 8 – 31 July 2009, at William Mora Galleries, Melbourne, Australia, extended “The Glass Closet” work more sculpturally within a gallery context and takes a new title. Installation design and lighting has been developed with costumes extending onto the floor and casting strong shadows. The label ‘GOD, gay on demand’ appears as a business card, offering outfits for espionage and terror. Anne Kirker writes about this work in Art Monthly Australia, July 2010.

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  Graham Fletcher
Studio Co-ordinator: Painting/Pacifica Student Advisor gfletcher@op.ac.nz

Graham is the Studio Coordinator for Painting and has worked at Otago Polytechnic since January 2012. He holds a Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland and has held numerous exhibitions in New Zealand and other countries. In 2010, he was awarded The Wallace Arts Trust Developmental Award which consisted of a two month residency at Vermont Studio Centre in the United States. See www.grahamfletcher.co.nz for more information.

  Alexandra Kennedy
Postgraduate Coordinator/ Principal Lecturer: Art History &amp; Theory, Professional Practices. alex@op.ac.nz

Alexandra Kennedy is Postgraduate Coordinator and a Principal Lecturer in Art History and Theory and Professional Practices. Her practice is located within a context which engages with the zero gesture in painting, addressing the critical relevancy of painting and its ability to reflect upon and engage with its own histories. Hence it could be described as painting about painting, or metapainting. Making use of the notion of the holes in space created by electronic and digital technologies, there is a reworking this concept as an aesthetic of the void which draws on the conceptual, procedural and material emphasis of nonobjective painting and on the conventions of painting as object, formalist minimalism and process based conceptualism. Recent exhibitions include groups shows in Paris, Antwerp, The Netherlands, Sydney and Auckland, and a forthcoming solo show at Sydney Nonobjective (SNO) in Sydney, Austalia.

Publications and Research

Kennedy, A. (2011). Repeating Trapeziods. [1 large scale wall work. 14 weeks.] An Off-Site Project with Factory 49, Sydney, AU., in conjunction with Aurora Biscuit Factory, exhibited during Sydney Art Week, 2011, 19th December 2010 - 2nd April 2011. Large-scale site-specific wall work (approx 5 metres x 5 metres) in a public place. 14 weeks duration. Factory 49 receives Australian regional & national government funding via Arts NSW. In this work a geometric system is deployed in a space to reveal the specificity of the particular site. Aligned with the contemporary discouse in non-objective, reductive art, the work links to later projects which develop the notion of the work as a documentation of a set of predetermined 'rules' - in this case a mathematical system - a project which was developed as 'triangle packing' for show at Antoinette Godkin Gallery, Auckland, & followed on from work produced for a group show at Duende (Rotterdam, 2010)(RO 2).
Supported by a Research Grant from Dunedin School of Art, Otago Polytechnic.

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  Andrew Last
Studio Co-ordinator: Jewellery &amp; Metalsmithing andrewl@op.ac.nz

Andrew is the Studio Coordinator for Jewellery Metalsmithing and has worked at Otago Polytechnic since 2001. Originally from Australia, he holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Gold and Silversmithing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and undertook a craft traineeship in 1988 with leading Australian jeweller, Susan Cohn. Andrew is represented in several Australian gallery collections, has exhibited all around the globe and has undertaken numerous guest lecturerspeaker positions.

Publications and Research

Last, A. & Zellmer, J. (2010). Octa Silverware Preview. [] Lure NZ Contemporary Jewellery, Dunedin, March 31st, Octa Board reviewed.

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  Rob Cloughley
Programme Coordinator Diploma of Ceramic Arts / Technician and Lecturer Ceramics ROBERTC@op.ac.nz

Rob is the Diploma in Ceramic Art programme coordinator Ceramic Lecturer within the Dunedin School of Art. He has worked for Otago Polytechnic since 2002 and holds a Master of Fine Art. Robs practice is in Ceramic Sculpture and he teaches a wide variety of ceramicrelated topics.

  Victoria Bell
Undergraduate Programme Co-ordinator / Studio Co-ordinator - Textiles VictoriaB@op.ac.nz

Victoria coordinates the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts programmes with Program Manger Mark Bolland, at the DSA. She also leads the Textiles Studio in our School. Her art practice is founded upon a textiles sensibility which is poised between textiles and sculpture, drawing upon the tensions and slippages between art and craft histories. Known for her textile sculptures of animals and furniture items, her research explores a series of frameworks which involve postcolonialism, feminist criticality and identify construction, and the ethics of animal representation.Victoria holds a Master of Fine Arts, Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Learning Teaching, Bachelor of Design (Craft Art) and Diploma in Art Aotearoa (Honours).

Publications and Research

Bell, V. (2013). 'The Sheltering Sky' in 'The Material World: Sculpture at the Dunedin School of Art 2002-2013'. [] Group Exhibition, Dunedin School of Art Gallery, at Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin. 6th May - 31st May.

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  Rachel Allan
Lecturer: Photography rachela@op.ac.nz

Rachel was awarded her Master of Fine Arts from Dunedin School of Art in 2013. Within her practice she utilizes both traditional chemical photographic techniques and modern interpretations to investigate photography's relationship to memory and personal enquiry. Similarly, she questions our relationship to photographs, both chemical and digital, considering their paradoxical messages.httprachelhopeallan.wordpress.com

Publications and Research

Allan, R. (2012). Rosemary for Remembrance, [] Art in Law Symposium VII, Group Show, Dunedin School of Art, 14 February - 5 June.

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Anita DeSoto
Lecturer: Drawing anitad@op.ac.nz

  Scott Eady
Senior Lecturer: Sculpture SEady@op.ac.nz

Scott is a Senior Lecturer in Sculpture and graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 1999 with a Master of Fine Arts. He exhibits nationally and internationally on a regular basis and was awarded the prestigious Frances Hodgkins Fellowship at the University of Otago in 2002 and the Wallace Award Development prize in 2003. Scott was selected to exhibit at the Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2012 and Personal Structures exhibition, Venice Biennale, 2013.

Publications and Research

Eady, S. (2013). IVAN (Calciami). [] Venice Biennale, Italy. http://vimeo.com/74236331

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  Lawrence Ewing
Principal Lecturer: Dip Ceramic Arts (distance) lewing@op.ac.nz

Lawrence teaches the Diploma in Ceramic Arts Glaze paper (Year 1 2). He has worked for Otago Polytechnic since 1986 and holds a Diploma in Teaching with distinction. Lawrences area of expertise is Glaze Chemistry and in the 1990s he was awarded a research prize for developing software that is still used in the glaze chemistry field throughout the world. He currently works from home delivering the content of the Glaze Technology papers via Moodle. Lawrence is also responsible for a number of ceramicsrelated websites including nzpotters.com which is run by the society New Zealand Potters.

  Michael Greaves
Lecturer: Painting/International Liaison michaelg@op.ac.nz

Michael is a Lecturer in the Painting studio and holds a BA in Art History Theory, a BFA in Painting and a Postgraduate degree in Teaching. His research is is driven by the seemingly contradictory world of the maker and the object, isolation and irrelevance, common memories and collective histories, failed utopias and relationships between seemingly uncooperative imagery. For more information, visit www.michaeljgreaves.com

Publications and Research

Greaves, M. J. & Foley, S. (2013) Into the Deep. Interview with Sam Foley to accompany 'Into the Deep', Whitespace Gallery Auckland, 19 March - 7 April 2013. http://issuu.com/whitespacecontemporaryart/docs/samfoleyintothedeep?e=7419874/1721870

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  David Green
Lecturer: Photography and Electronic Arts dgreen@op.ac.nz

David is an artist, MFA candidate, and Lecturer in Photography and Electronic Arts.

Publications and Research

Green, B.D. (2014). Confluence: The Art and Practice of Simon Kaan [Film/Video]

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  Bridie Lonie
Lecturer: Art History &amp; Theory bridiel@op.ac.nz

Bridie is a Lecturer in the Dunedin School of Art, teaching Art History Theory at years 2 and 3 and supervising postgraduate candidates. She is currently enrolled in a PhD at the University of Otago on artists working with climate change. She was recently Visisitng Scholar at the Environment Studio, School fo Art, Australian National University and presented &quot;Fit For Purpose Artists and Anthropogenic Climate Change at the School of Art at Autsralian National University (21 May) and again at the Dunedin School of Art ( June 11). She also faciliated &quot;Art Change iin the Current Climate&quot; a discussion group, as part of the Environment Studio, ANU, programme. She also presented Knowing or Being Postmodernism vs Poststructuralism as theoretical underpinnings for the visual arts in the 1980s and 90s a discussion of the work of photographer Di ffrench, at the &quot;What (in the world) was postmodernism&quot; symposium hosted by the University of Otago Department of English and Linguistics, June 35 2015.

Publications and Research

Lonie, B. & Tweedie, G. (2012) The Performance has the Last Word. Dialogue with Gemma Tweedie. We are optimistic (editors) Let's Roar Loudly, Conversations about art and feminism, Dunedin, WAO Publishing, 2012, 10-14 www.letsroarloudly.blogspot.com

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  Michael Morley
Lecturer: Drawing, Painting michaelm@op.ac.nz

Michael is a Lecturer in Drawing within the Dunedin School of Art. His research expertise encompasses Contemporary Art, Drawing, Painting, Video and Sound, and he began working for OP in 2000. Michael holds a Master of Fine Art (Painting) from the University of Canterbury and a BA from the University of Otago.

Publications and Research

Morley, M. (2015). Piwakawaka [Film/Video] Video Creeps Showcase, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, Karangahape Road, Auckland

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  Peter Stupples
Senior Lecture: Art History &amp; Theory PeterS@op.ac.nz

Peter Stupples is currently Senior Lecturer in Art History and Theory at the Dunedin School of Art at the Otago Polytechnic He was formerly Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Art History and Theory at the University of Otago.He has written widely about Russian visual culture, his research speciality, and the social history of art. Among the six books published is Pavel Kuznetsov His Life and Art, Cambridge University Press, 1989. He has recently edited Art and Food (Cambridge Scholars Publishing) 2014, in which he also has a chapter Food, Social Status and the Russian AvantGarde, pp. 5372. His current book The Social Life of Art will be published early in 2015.Recent journal articles include Suprematism in the Antipodes Malevich in New Zealand, New Zealand Slavonic Journal, 41 2007, pp. 1935 Malevich and Vorticism, Canadian American Slavic Studies, 4 Winter, 2008 six entries in the Beloved Works from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, December 2009, Art Education and Curating, Scope Art and Design 4, November 2009, pp. 144150 Art and Sacral Space, South African Journal of Art History, vol. 24, no.3, 2009, pp.127136 The Ceramics of Willem Brouwer and Maori Art, Journal of New Zealand Art History vol. 31, 2010, pp. 90101 Neuroscience and the Artists Mind, South African Journal of Art History, 2010, vol. 24, no.4, pp. 4357. Art and Aesthetics (pp. 3445) as well as The Mikula and Volga Fireplace (pp. 134141) were published in Scope Art and Design 5 and 6, 20102011. An essay, entitled A Cloud in Trousers A Meditation on Fashion was published in the catalogue for the exhibition NOMd The Art of Fashion, published by the Centre for Research on National Identity, University of Otago, 2011 and shown at the Eastern Southland Gallery, Gore in 28 July2 September 2011, pp. 4243 Abramtsevo Resisting and Accepting Cultural Translation, New Zealand Slavonic Journal, vol. 45, 2011 (published April 2013), pp. 7190 Florensky and Malevich The Image and Materiality, South African Journal of Art History, vol. 28, no. 2, 2012 (published December 2013), pp. 238249 Food, Social Status and the Russian AvantGarde, in Peter Stupples (ed.), Art and Food (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, NewcastleuponTyne, 2014), pp. 5372 Review of Patricia Railings Malevich Paints The Seeing Eye in Burlington Magazine, 1333 156, April 2014, pp. 248249.Peter has also curated art exhibitions at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery November 2004July 2005 Sites for the Eyes European Landscape in the Collection of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery April 2006July 2007 War and Peace RAINZ Russian Art in New Zealand, JuneSeptember 2009. He has also curated eight shows Art in Law IV and VII, IXX, in the Faculty of Law, University of Otago, 20092013 and also Art in Practice IIII in the Department of General Practice and Rural Health in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Otago 20112013. Peter organised the symposium Art and Law with the Faculty of Law, University of Otago and the Dunedin School of Art in November 2010, the Art and Medicine symposium, with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Otago and the Dunedin School of Art, August 26 2011, the Art and Food symposium, August 24 2012, the Art and Money symposium, August 30 2013 and is currently organising the Art and Book symposium for 1718 October 2014. He has also curated the exhibitions that run alongside the symposia.With David Green Peter completed a Moodle online course in Art in Oceania, 20112013, including films Paranesia and Confluence The Art and Practice of Simon Kaan. Within this area of study Peter reviewed Art In Oceania A New History, by Peter Brunt, Nicholas Thomas, Sean Mallon, Lissant Bolton, Deidre Brown, Damian Skinner and Susan Kuchler (London Thames Hudson, 2012) for The Burlington Magazine, 155, Dec. 2013, pp. 8367.He gave the Abbey College Prestige Lecture for 2011 on Australian Aboriginal Art as Art and the William Mathew Hodgkins Memorial Lecture at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, August 11 2011 on Kikerino and Russian Art Nouveau Architectural Ceramics.With Dr Ruth Napper Peter coorganised the Art and Neuroscience Project between the Dunedin School of Art and the Brain Research Council at the University of Otago, November 2012July 2013 and is currently coorganising the Art and Anatomy Project, November 2013July 2014.

Publications and Research

Peter Stupples (2015). Art and MoneyISBN (10) 1-4438-7621-6
ISBN (13) 978-1-4438-7621-6

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  Johanna Zellmer
Senior Lecturer: Jewellery &amp; Metalsmithing / Artist in Residence Programme Coordinator johannaz@op.ac.nz

Johanna Zellmer completed a formal apprenticeship as a Goldsmith in Germany and a masters degree at the Australian National University Canberra School of Art. Senior Lecturer in Jewellery Metalsmithing and ArtistsinResidence Coordinator at the Dunedin School of Art, her research interests are the construction of national identities and crosscultural matters. Her work has been presented in New Zealands TVONE series Neighbourhood (episode 10 North Dunedin) and selected for the Parkin Drawing Prize. Research projects have been shown internationally and were discussed by Dr. Pravu Mazumdar at the Die Neue Sammlung, The International Design Museum Munich in his keynote for Schmuck 2013, available online httpwww.dieneuesammlung.deblog201403pravumazumdarmorninglecture

Publications and Research

Zellmer, Johanna (2015). forged.Forthcoming; Darling Publications Cologne / New York; http://www.darlingpublications.com/

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  Marion Wassenaar
Lecturer: Print | Art Collection | Administration Marionw@op.ac.nz

Marion is a lecturer in the Print Studio and was awarded a Master of Fine Arts from the Dunedin School of Art in 2013. Her art practice includes print, sculpture, photography and curating while her research investigates experimental processes that consider human activity in the environment. httpmarionwassenaar.wordpress.com

Kiri Mitchell
Lecturer Drawing and Studio Methodologies / Night Class Teacher: Drawing and Print kmitchell@op.ac.nz


Brendon Monson
Technical Teacher: Jewellery, Metalsmithing &amp; Textiles and Night Class Teacher: JnM bmonson@op.ac.nz

  Colin Howes
Technical Teacher: Painting &amp; Drawing chowes@op.ac.nz

Colin is the Technical Teacher for Painting. He has worked in this position since 1994 and holds a Diploma of Fine Arts (Honours).

Jamie Oliphant
Technical Teacher: Sculpture jamieo@op.ac.nz

  Steev Peyroux
Technical Teacher: Printmaking / Technician Painting steevp@op.ac.nz

Steev is the Technical Teacher in the Printmaking studio. His drawings, which have print processes layered within, play with a balance between representation and abstraction. Steevs work questions how real our perception of life is when so much of the world is invisible to us. It refers to the duality of the conscious and the subconscious, or of the real world sitting above the dream world. For more information, visit www.theartistsroom.co.nz

Emily Davidson
Technician: Photography and Electronic Arts emilyd@op.ac.nz

Support Staff

  Neil Grant
Emeritis Principle Lecturer ngrant@op.ac.nz

Neil mentors students in the Ceramics studio for BVA and DCA programmes.