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2018 Art + Oceans - Current Project 2018 -2019


Tackling the complexities of our changing marine world, artists and scientists will interact over several months to produce works that interpret and extend science research in new contexts and imagine new generative interactions between science and art. Art + Ocean aims to spread this effect further by encouraging works that can travel on from the 2018 exhibition in Dunedin. This is facilitated by funding from the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge. 

Current co-ordinators:

Pam McKinlay is an artist with a background in applied science and history of art. As an artist she works predominantly in sculpture, weaving and ceramics. She works in collaboration with other artists locally and nationally in community outreach and education projects around the theme of climate change, sustainability and biodiversity. Currently she works at the Dunedin School of Art.

Jenny Rock has backgrounds in science and art. She has spent > 20 years as a scientific researcher (particularly in marine biology) and is an intaglio and relief printmaker, as well as occasional poet. Currently she is a Sr Lecturer in Science Communication (University of Otago) focusing on aesthetics, participatory practice, sensory cognition, and ArtScience.

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