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  Diane McKenzie
Administrator Diane.McKenzie@op.ac.nz

Diane joined Otago Polytechnic as a full time administrator in 2001. Her responsibilities include financials, student administration, staff support, and administration duties within the Schools of Design and Social Services. She also provides administration support to the Safety and Wellbeing Manager.

Pam Hodgkinson
Administrator Pam.Hodgkinson@op.ac.nz

Head of Department

CORP staff CarolineTerpstra cropped
  Caroline Terpstra
Acting Head of College Caroline.Terpstra@op.ac.nz

Kia ora, ko Caroline Terpstra tohoku ikoa.
I am the Head of Te Maru Pumanawa - incorporating the School of Design and the Food Design Institute here at Otago Polytechnic.Te Maru Pumanawa can be translated as sheltering and nurturing innate creativity. Students who are studying design - across all the discipline areas of communication, fashion, food, interiors and product design - are encouraged and supported to respond creatively to a design brief. We also make the most of opportunities for students to work together on interdisciplinary projects, helping them to identify the strengths and experiences that they can bring to a team.
Our goal is to help students to find their own voice as designers and to prepare them for the reality of their chosen field in design by providing critical feedback, quality resources, staff with design industry experience and a supportive environment. Classes are small so we get to know all our students well. Students are able to connect to their chosen design field through work placements and workplace visits, live industry and community projects, exchanges to Asia and Europe, competitions and seminars. There is now a large network of OP design graduates working locally and internationally.
I have been actively involved in the growth of the School of Design and am excited about my new role as Head of Te Maru Pumanawa because we already have close connections with our colleagues in food design and see this is an area with huge potential for growth iand collaboration n the future.
Before coming to Otago Polytechnic I worked mainly in the fashion area, teaching professional practice, business studies and garment construction and worked for a number of years in professional theatre, designing and making costumes for the stage. Twelve years experience of co-owning and running a locally-manufactured children's wear label sharpened my business and management skills. As well as Diploma in Home Science from Otago University, I have a Bachelor of Applied Management and am studying towards a Master in Design Enterprise focusing on connecting design thinking tools and methodologies to management and decision-making..

Publications and Research

Qi, Z., Terpstra, C., Findlay, J. (2014) A Master Degree Program Development for the Study Pathways from Bachelor of Engineering Technology Abstract was double-blind peer-reviewed.
Conference paper presented at Frontiers in Education Conference - October 22-25, Madrid, Spain.

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Alex Lovell-Smith
Lecturer Alex.Lovell-Smith@op.ac.nz

  Andrew Wallace
Senior Lecturer Andrew.Wallace@op.ac.nz

2015 German Product Excellence Design Award
2013 Red Dot design award, Honorable mention
2013 Finalist NZ innovators awards, Science and Medicine
2013 Finalist NZ innovators awards, Design and Technology
2013 Bronze NZ Design Awards
2008 IF Design Award

Publications and Research

Wallace, A. (2017) H.M.I Teacher and Student interface. For Regan Anderson.

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  Annette Cadogan
Lecturer Annette.Cadogan@op.ac.nz

Annette is currently employed as a Lecturer in Fashion with strengths in pattern making, construction and design. In 2008, she was part of the Dunedin Fashion Incubator (Dfi) team, delivering technical workshops around the region. Annette has considerable industry experience as she has worked for a number of top New Zealand designers and has her own successful fashion label, ‘Iris', which was selected for the iD Dunedin show in 2012.

Publications and Research

Barton, M., Malthus, J. & Cadogan, A. (2017) Anything Could Happen, A cross cultural investigation into sustainable fashion practice. Presentation of the exhibition and project at the 23rd International Fashion Forum of Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival and the 16th Greater Donghua Fashion Week, Donghua University, Shanghai China. 24 May 2017.

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  Chris Fersterer
Senior Lecturer Chris.Fersterer@op.ac.nz

Chris is a senior lecturer working with Interior and product design and has a big passion for micro-architecture. His current research explores what can be achieved in relatively small spaces; the ways in which we can live with a smaller footprint, using design to deliver more for less. Chris enjoyed the challenge of integrating these values into the curriculum and has developed a prototype called BatchBOX which he has set up on his property to test other sustainable systems.

Publications and Research

Finnie, D., Fersterer, C., Qi, Z., Terpstra, C. (2014) A student project development for multidisciplinary programs at Otago Polytechnic. 2014 Annual Conference of the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE2014), Wellington, New Zealand.

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  Colleen Fay
Senior Lecturer Colleen.Fay@op.ac.nz

Col is a Senior Lecturer working within the Interior Design and Bachelor of Architectural Studies programmes and teaches Studio, Theory and History papers. She is an editorial assistant for one of Otago Polytechnic's journals. Col has a Master of Fine Arts from Dunedin School of Art and a teaching qualification. Her passion for design is based around the understanding of space as an interactive relationship between the human body and the environment. Col views her own practice as an interdisciplinary interrogation of Art, Design and Architecture. She sees her role as postgraduate supervisor as one of facilitation, listening to her students and helping them express their excellence based on their strengths.

Publications and Research

Fersterer, C., Danielmeier,T., Fay, C., Achterberg, K., & Willis, S. (2017) Climate Safe House: A Community Housing Project Tackling Catastrophic
Sea Level Rise in Coastal Communities.
ICSAEEEDS 2017: 19th International Conference on Sustainable Architectural, Environmental and Ecological Engineering Design for Society, Venice, Italy, 14-15 August.

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  Cyndy McKenzie
Lecturer Cyndy.McKenzie@op.ac.nz

Cyndy is a practicing textile artist who teaches textiles in the School of Design Fashion programmes. Within her practice, she has predominantly worked in the field of Fashion/Art Installation over the past ten years, and her work, exhibited both in New Zealand and Australia, situates her practice as a maker and a collector. Cyndy likes work that evolves from an immediate response to a material, a place, a space or a surface.

Publications and Research

McKenzie, C. (2018) construing space. Solo exhibition, DSA Gallery, Dunedin 3-6 September.

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Gavin O'Brien
Senior Lecturer Gavin.O'Brien@op.ac.nz

  Hannah Joynt
Senior Lecturer Hannah.Joynt@op.ac.nz

Hannah has been working in the School of Design since 2007 and is a Lecturer in Creative Studies. Her teaching practice is informed by her art practice. Since graduating with a BFA from OP in 2006, Hannah has been building her reputation as an emerging artist in the South Island of New Zealand. In 2009, she won the COCA Anthony Harper Contemporary Art Award (Christchurch) and the Edinburgh Realty Art Award in 2010 (Dunedin.)

Publications and Research

Joynt. H. (2017) A Trick Of the Land. Dunedin School Of Art Gallery, Otago Polytechnic, 13-17 March 2017. Solo exhibition.

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Jon Wilson
  Jon Wilson
Lecturer Jon.Wilson@op.ac.nz

Jon is a skilled Director of Photography, Filmmaker and part-time Communications Lecturer in the School of Design. After film school, he trained on several feature films and TV dramas in Europe including ‘The Full Monty' and ‘Spice Girls'. He has since worked as a Director of Photography on TV commercials, shorts and documentaries. Since moving to Dunedin, Jon has worked on various projects including ‘The Haka Peepshow' and ‘I Survived a Zombie Holocaust', and has also produced and directed many projects for NewSplash.

Leigh Paterson
  Leigh Paterson
Lecturer Leigh.Paterson@op.ac.nz


martinkean sq4
  Martin Kean
Senior Lecturer Martin.Kean@op.ac.nz

I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Design, Communication, focusing on design for print and screen, typography, prepress, web design and digital skills. I have an external design practice and a research thread.

Publications and Research

Willis S., Cox C., Kean M., Orchiston C., (2018) Climate Safe Housing: adaptation in action. The Active Living and Environment Symposium Linking Transport, Health and Sustainability, Otago University, 13-15 February 2019

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Meg Brasell Jones
  Meg Brasell-Jones
Senior Lecturer Megan.Brasell-Jones@op.ac.nz

Meg is a Senior Lecturer in visual communication design at The College of Art, Design and Architecture (ADA). Her research expertise is in design, social responsibility and sustainability. She holds a Masters in Design Studies (Consumer and Applied Science), a Bachelor of Arts (Art History and Theory), Postgraduate Diploma and Diploma for Graduates in Design Studies (Consumer and Applied Science) from the University of Otago, a Diploma of Teaching from the Dunedin College of Education, a Certificate in Adult Teaching from CPIT (Ara), a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice from Otago Polytechnic and a Certificate in Te Mata a Ao Maori. Meg has a student centred approach to postgraduate supervision that encourages creative, critical and sustainable thinking.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8065-3527

Publications and Research

Brasell-Jones, M. (2018) Threads of Conversation: Engaging Young Creatives. UNBOUND: Liberating Women, CTANZ Symposium. 21st -23rd September 2018. Otago Polytechnic. Dunedin.

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Morgan Oliver3
  Morgan Oliver
Lecturer Morgan.Oliver@op.ac.nz

Morgan is an interactive artist and designer, lecturing in Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Dunedin School of Art at OP. Morgan has exhibited at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Blue Oyster Gallery, The Honeymoon Suite and The High Street Project (Christchurch).

Morgan has a passion for teaching animation and interactive screen design and has recently initiated the first game design project taught at the School of Design. Morgan encourages hands on learning through a playful and experimental approach with a strong focus on digital tools.

Publications and Research

Morley, M. & Oliver, M. (2017) The Return of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein – The Fuck Chairs. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Art and Design, 14, 89-95.

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RekhaRannaShailaj S
  Rekha Shailaj
Senior Lecturer Rekha.Rana@op.ac.nz

Rekha is an Otago Polytechnic Bachelor of Design (Fashion) graduate and is now employed as a Senior Lecturer in Fashion, teaching in areas such as digital pattern making, fashion design and textiles. She finished her Masters of Fine Art (Design) from Otago Polytechnic in 2011 with distinction. Rekha's research is based on reflective studio practice incorporating critical making, writing and analysing. This is informed through reflection on both current fashion issues and how they relate to Eastern and Western methodologies and aesthetics. She aims to understand clothing as an extension of the wearer and its semiotic signification in the field of fashion and textiles. Rekha has experience working with international students. As a postgraduate supervisor she provides a wide perspective to guide students on practice and theory, helping them to develop conceptual ideas into commercially viable projects. She is currently assisting Dunedin Public Art Gallery with a cultural event.

Publications and Research

Shailaj, R. R. (2017) Post Fashion, Hybridity, the Unconventional: Implicates the End of Fashion. Scope: Contemporary Research Topics, Art and Design, Special Issue: Fashion #15, Metamorphosis, November 2017, pp 103 - 113. Double-blind peer-reviewed.

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  Simon Swale
Senior Lecturer Simon.Swale@op.ac.nz

Simon has been a lecturer in Design at Otago Polytechnic since 2007. Prior to this, he spent many years within the fashion and clothing industry.

Publications and Research

Swale, S. (2017) Speed, Technology, Entropy: The Fashion System at Breaking Point. Scope: Contemporary Research Topics, Art and Design 15, Special Issue: Fashion, November, 139-146. This article was developed from content presented at the international conference ‘The End of Fashion’ held at the College of Creative Arts, Massey University, 8-9 December 2016.

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CORP staff StellaLange 2
  Stella Lange
Principal Lecturer Stella.Lange@op.ac.nz

Stella is the postgraduate coordinator in the School of Design and a Principal Lecturer. Stella's research interests are textile craft and repair, bridging historical research with contemporary practice. Stella has a PhD on garment leather, and a Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science (First Class Honours), both from the University of Otago. Stella has been a PhD examiner for RMIT in Melbourne and AUT in Auckland, and a Master's examiner for Massey University and AUT. She is on Otago Polytechnic's Ethics Committee, and heads the Cat B ethics committe for the School of Design. Stella believes that process is a key element of successful design and research and encourages students to look at the systems and theories that support development and understanding. Textile craft and theories of activism underpin her creative work - with results that include published/presented papers, exhibited work and published designs for hand knits.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3676-4331

Publications and Research

Lange, S. (2017) Let me fix that for you. Respect Existence or Expect Resistance: Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SAANZ) Conference, University of Otago, Dunedin, 6-10 Dec 2017.

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  Tracy Kennedy
Senior Lecturer Tracy.Kennedy@op.ac.nz

Tracy joined OP in 1998 and has been the Manager of the Dunedin Fashion Incubator since June 2009 supporting and mentoring emerging designers.
Tracy is also a Senior Lecturer in Design with a particular interest in sustainable models and social enterprsie within the fashion industry and the implications for stakeholders and educators.
In another life she worked for a large knitwear manufacturer and has run her own small knitwear design business. Tracy liaises closely with the fashion industry and the business community as part of her role as Dfi manager and educator. For more information, visit: www.dfi.co.nz and www.op.ac.nz/study/creative/design/

Publications and Research

Kennedy,T. & Terpstra, C. (2013) A stitch in time saves nine: Identifying pedagogies for teaching sustainability issues to fashion students. The Research Journal of Textile and Apparel (RJTA), Vol. 17, No. 2, May 2013. Pub. Hong Kong Institution of Textile and Apparel.

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Programme Managers / Supervisors / Professors

DSC8462 1
  Caroline McCaw
Associate Professor Caroline.McCaw@op.ac.nz

Caro is Academic Leader for Communication and teaches across a range of courses including Interaction Design and Studio Projects. She is involved in a wide range of creative projects. Caro McCaw investigates how we come to understand our landscapes, local knowledge, and regional cultures and contexts through collaborative creative practice. She asks how we may work around colonial ways of seeing to visualize and understand our shared histories and sites more socially. She is involved in a wide range of local community and regional development projects often working with collaborative student-staff teams, and local community groups, including museums.
Caro was a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at SUNY Canton, in Upstate New York.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6775-7409

Publications and Research

McCaw, C., Keaney,P., & Bull, R. (2018) Let's do it! Learning through doing: Different approaches to learner capabilities. Global Forum Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Humber College, Canada, May 24.

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  Jane Venis
Professor Jane.Venis@op.ac.nz

Professor Jane Venis is a multi-media artist, musician and writer. Her studio practice focuses on the absurdities and concerns of contemporary popular culture, which is expressed through the making of objects, video, sound and performance works. Recent solo installations have taken place in public galleries and museums in New Zealand and she has contributed to juried group exhibitions in the USA, South Korea, The UK and China. Her current writing links to her studio practice and focuses on how the creative practice of Japanese chindogu can be used to discuss the tension between art and design. Jane is an Academic Leader in the School of Design and teaches in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the College of Art and Design and Architecture and is the Editor of Scope Art and Design. She has a Master of Fine Arts from the Dunedin School of Art and a PhD in Fine Arts from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia. Jane has Nine years' experience supervising postgraduate students. She supports students in their dissertation writing, coming from a position as a practising artist familiar with studio practice.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5571-6354

Publications and Research

Venis, J. (2018) The Olympics of the art world: Allora and Calzadilla’s Track and Field. SAJAH, volume 33(1), 2018.

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MachikoNiimi square
  Machiko Niimi
Academic Leader Machiko.Niimi@op.ac.nz

Machiko is a Senior Lecturer and the Academic Leader for Product Design and postgraduate studies. Machiko has a Master of Design from the University of Otago and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology which she has found useful for informing her design practice. Prior to joining the Design School staff, she was Co-Director of Ooid Design. Sustainability and product design have been a recurring theme of Machiko's design career. She uses human-centred design strategies, design-thinking and design for sustainable behaviour. Her teaching and supervision emphasises partnerships with communities and local organisations.

Publications and Research

O'Brien, G. and Niimi, M. (2016) Unpicking Toothpicks. Presentation at the International Food and Design Conference, Otago POlytechnic, Dunedin.

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MargoBarton S
  Margo Barton
Professor Margo.Barton@op.ac.nz

Margo is the Academic Leader for Fashion. She has Dress Design Certificate from TAFE's Fashion Design Studio in Sydney, Australia, and worked in the fashion industry for many years. Her PhD is from RMIT, Australia. A recipient of a New Zealand Tertiary Teaching Award in 2007, she is passionate about fashion education and establishing networks within the global fashion industry to benefit Design students. Margo's research, both designing and writing, focusses on the discourse between the designer and the wearer, especially for emerging fashion. This incorporates her Citizen Stylist project work. Her work traverses the interface between physical and digital designing. She is a frequent exhibitor, curator and presenter. Margo has been a member of the Executive Board of iD Fashion Week Dunedin since 2001 and Deputy Chair since 2015. She initiated the iD International Emerging Designer Awards, held annually since 2003, which attract over 150 entries annually from graduates of the top international fashion schools. She is an external examiner for postgraduate students at AUT and Massey University, is on the Course Advisory Board for fashion at TAFE NSW in Australia, and is a member of the executive board of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI). Margo fosters international exchanges and collaborations for students and faculty.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8055-3630

Publications and Research

Barton, M., McKenzie, C; and Swale, S. (2017) Citizen Stylist. Participatory wearing event during iD Dunedin Fashion Week. 22, 23 and 25 March 2017.

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CORP staff TaniaAllanRoss 001 crop
  Tania Allan-Ross
Principal Lecturer Tania.Allan-Ross@op.ac.nz

Tania is a Principal Lecturer (Fashion) and since 1995 has worked as a self-employed fashion and textile designer, specialising in made-to-measure garments. She holds a Master of Design Enterprise, Postgraduate Certificate in Adaptive Design, Bachelor of Consumer & Applied Sciences, Bachelor of Design (Fashion), Diploma in Craft Design (Textiles), Certificate in Fashion and Design and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching. Her work has been shown in various group exhibitions, theatre performances and wearable art awards, her areas of interest include design and construction of user-centred garments, textile manipulation and surface decoration.

Publications and Research

Allan Ross. T.A. (2018) Therapeutic pressure garment. Product Innovation Contest at Functional Textiles & Clothing Conference FTC 2018.9-12 February Indian Institute of Technology Delhi(IIT). Abstracts downloadable on line http://www.ftc2018.org/

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  Tobias Danielmeier
Associate Professor Tobias.Danielmeier@op.ac.nz

Tobias Danielmeier is an Associate Professor at the College of Art, Design and Architecture. His research and professional practice investigates the interface between industrial architecture and spaces for hospitality. His work focuses on how processes and production flows can be improved spatially, how buildings aid and optimise energy and water use, use of solar active and passive strategies, creation of positive and lasting visitor experiences, as well as place and corporate identity expressed through our built environment.
Many of his architectural designs have gained national and international awards in the disciplines of architecture, design and engineering.
Teaching subject includes design studio, construction, architectural technologies, building sciences, as well as strategic architecture and planning. Tobias has also a wealth of postgraduate supervision.

ORCID profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8611-4564

Publications and Research

Danielmeier, T. (2019) Future Learner Capabilities for the Creative Disciplines. Cumulus Conference Rovaniemi 2019, 27.5. - 1.6.2019, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland.

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Support Staff

profie pic
Pip McQuillan
Teaching and Research Assistant Pip.McQuillan@op.ac.nz


  Ian Barker
Technician Ian.Barker@op.ac.nz

Ian is the Technician within the School of Design workshop and has always had a fascination with design. He graduated from Otago Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Design (Product) in 2004 and midway through 2005, was taken on as part-time Technician. In 2009, he became the sole workshop Technician.

LeighMoses S
Leigh Moses
Technician/Administrator Leigh.Moses@op.ac.nz