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OSTC Bicycle Mechanics (Level 3)




One day a week for the school year.

Like bikes?

If you’re keen on cycling, hands-on work and fixing things, then bicycle mechanics could be the perfect career for you.

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What will I do?

  • Learn the terminology, purpose and function of all bicycle components
  • Find out how a bicycle workshop operates
  • Identify and use tools and consumables found in a bicycle workshop
  • Install, service and adjust bicycle frames, tyres, hubs, brakes, steering and accessories

What could I do next?

Unit standards covered in this course

Unit Standard




 20186  Demonstrate knowledge for bicycle repairs 6 3
 20183  Assemble bicycles 6 3
 20184  Adjust bicycles and fit accessories 3
 20182  Use equipment in a bicycle workshop 3
   Unit standard to be confirmed  6  
  Total 24  

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