Otago Polytechnic

New Zealand Certificate in English Language (General) (Level 4)



Up to 17 weeks full-time; part-time options available

On campus

February and July
  • Location
    Study breaks
  • Auckland International Campus
    13 January 2020
    6 March 2020 - 23 March 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    10 February 2020
    9 March 2020 - 20 March 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    23 March 2020
    18 May 2020 - 29 May 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    20 April 2020
    18 May 2020 - 29 May 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    1 June 2020
    24 July 2020 - 10 August 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    29 June 2020
    27 July 2020 - 7 August 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    10 August 2020
    2 October 2020 - 19 October 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    7 September 2020
    5 October 2020 - 16 October 2020
  • Auckland International Campus
    19 October 2020
    11 December 2020 - 11 January 2021
  • Auckland International Campus
    16 November 2020
    14 December 2020 - 8 January 2021
  • Dunedin
    20 July 2020

Want to improve your English skills?

Study English at Otago Polytechnic to prepare for further study, make new friends and experience New Zealand culture.

When you study with us you will:

  • learn English from teachers who are very patient and understanding.
  • work in small groups to practise your speaking.
  • meet native speakers and listen to guest speakers.
  • gain study skills through self-directed learning and group work.

This Certificate is for upper-intermediate English speakers who want to do further English-language or subject study in an academic context. It is a nationally-recognised qualification. It can lead to academic study at Otago Polytechnic, or you can use it to transfer to other study institutes in New Zealand.

Entry requirements
  • We will test you and place you at the right level when you arrive. You may not be enrolled into the Certificate level that you apply for.
  • International students need a visa to study with us for more than three months.
What you will learn

When you complete this programme you will be able to:

  • understand the main ideas and key supporting details of moderately complex spoken and written information for social and transactional purposes
  • participate effectively in sustained conversation for social and transactional purposes
  • write detailed, well developed and moderately complex texts
Your workload
  • 22 hours a week in class, guided by your teacher
  • 10-14 hours a week for self-directed study
Additional Costs

You will need to buy the course textbook at the start of your course. This will be available from your lecturer for a discounted price of $60.00. 

Next step

This programme prepares you for further study in our certificate, diploma and degree programmes. We recommend the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Academic) (Level 4).

Student loans and allowances

Student loans and allowances are for domestic students only. For information about student loans and allowances please visit the Studylink website. It is important to apply for your student loan/allowance at the same time as you apply for this programme, due to the length of time Studylink take to process. Loan/allowance applications can be cancelled at any time if you decide to withdraw your programme application or if it is unsuccessful. 


While every effort is made to ensure that this sheet is accurate, Otago Polytechnic reserves the right to amend, alter or withdraw any of the contained information. The fees shown in this document are indicative ONLY. Both domestic and international fees are subject to change and are dependent on the development and implementation of Government policies. Please note that additional fees may from time to time be required for external examination, NZQA fees and/or additional material fees.

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