Otago Polytechnic

Are you keen to develop your midwifery expertise even further, into an area of complex practice? 

Otago Polytechnic's Complex Care Pathway enables both LMC and core midwives to extend their theoretical knowledge and technical skill in any area of interest that relates to compexity within midwifery care.

Completed over one year, this 60 credit Postgraduate Certificate qualification comprises of three courses.

  • MC503610 Midwifery Assessment and Decision Making for Complexity (30 credits)
  • MC503620 Midwifery Practicum for Complexity* (15 credits)  
  • One elective course from the Postgraduate programme (15 credits)

*The Complex Care pathway is funded by Health Workforce New Zealand and includes 100 hours release time (core midwives) or locum cover (LMC) to complete practical placement requirements.

Further information about the Complex Care courses and forms are available from NZCOM: www.midwife.org.nz/education/postgraduate/complex-care-education

How to apply?

If you are interested in enrolling in this programme please contact Suzanne Miller suzanne.miller@op.ac.nz early as places are limited.

Study path

12 February - 1 June, 2018

Midwifery Assessment and Decision Making for Complexity

2 July - 19 October, 2018

Midwifery Practicum for Complexity

plus one on the following 15 credit elective courses:

12 February - 29 March, 2018

  • Preceptorship for Midwives
  • Sexually Transmitted and Other Infections of the Reproductive Tract in Pregnancy

16 April - 1 June, 2018

  • Leadership and Change in Midwifery Practice
  • Global Midwivery and Safe Motherhood

 2 July - 17 August, 2018

  • Promoting Nornal Birth
  • Global Midwifery: Practical Steps

3 September - 19 October, 2018

  • Midwifery Practice in Rural and Primary Maternity Settings
  • Sustainability and the Midwife

A course summary document of these elective papers is available here.

To enrol in your study please fill in the attached Postgraduate Study in Midwifery Practice selection form 2018 and return to ebsMID@op.ac.nz