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The Midwifery Junction is an interactive website for everyone connected to the Bachelor of Midwifery programme owned and delivered by Otago Polytechnic and Christchurch Polytechnic Ara. 

The principal aim of the Midwifery Junction website is to connect midwifery educators, midwifery students, practicing midwives, childbearing women and anyone else interested or involved in our midwifery programme.

The Midwifery Junction hopes to build partnerships and develop communities by providing mechanisms for communication, networking, learning, reflection, and developing practice. The website provides access to a wide variety of resources including a ‘digital toolbox’ for those wanting to build confidence in using various digital technologies for learning and communicating.

Go to the Midwifery Junction website. 

Midwifery practice topics

From this page on the Midwifery Junction website you can access some short courses on various midwifery practice topics. The first six topics available are:

> Second stage of labour
> Anaemia
> Assessing labour progress
> Mastitis
> Counselling women with unintended pregnancies
> Bedsharing with babies

Further topics will be added from time to time. Each course comprises a research article (in PDF format) and a ten question multichoice quiz. You can answer the quiz as many times as you like, but once you have achieved 80% you will receive a certificate of achievement by email. The Midwifery Council has allocated one point of elective education to each of these courses.

Midwifery preceptorship resources

From this page on the Midwifery Junction website you can access a course for midwife preceptors.

The course comprises seven modules, each of which can be completed online.

Once you have completed all the modules and the online assessment you may wish to undertake Otago Polytechnic's postgraduate course in preceptorship as the work you have completed online will be recognised in the postgraduate course. Both the online modules and Otago Polytechnic's postgraduate course have been approved by the Midwifery Council and allocated elective education points.