Otago Polytechnic

Head of Department

  Sally Baddock
Professor and Co- Head of School SBaddock@op.ac.nz

Professor Sally Baddock is the CoHead of the School of Midwifery and has taught in the Health Sciences for over 20 years. Her research interest is in childcare practices and the impact of these on infant physiology, including a focus on sudden unexpected death during infancy (SUDI) her research and publications focus primarily on infantparent bedsharing. Sally also supervises candidates for the Master of Midwifery and teaches physiology at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Publications and Research

Baddock, S. A. (2015). The physiology of conception and pregnancy.Ch 20 in Pairman, S., Pincombe, J., Thorogood, C., &. Tracy, S (Eds). (2015). Midwifery: Preparation for practice (3rd ed.).Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier.

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Jasmin Lamorie
School Operations Co-Ordinator JasminL@op.ac.nz

  Emma Morey
Student Practice Coordinator emorey@op.ac.nz

Emma is avaliable Monday Friday

Khyla McBride
School Administrator khylam@op.ac.nz

Kerrie Wilson
Student Advisor kwilson@op.ac.nz

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

  Christine Griffiths
BM Co-Ordinator, Senior Lecturer and Kaiako (Wellington) CGriffiths@op.ac.nz

Christine is based at the Wellington satellite, has responsibilities in the undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery programmes and has been working for Otago Polytechnic since 2010. She registered as a midwife in 1985 and, in addition to her LecturerFacilitator role at Otago Polytechnic, has a small communitybased practice for women living in the Wellington region. Christine is a founding member of the New Zealand College of Midwives and is studying towards her PhD.

Publications and Research

Miller, S., & Griffiths, C. (2014). Bridging the gap: Does online postgraduate education inform midwifery practice and the care women receive in New Zealand? 30th Triennial Congress, ICM Conference, the International Confederation of Midwives, Prague 4 June. http://www.midwives2014.org/files/ICM2014-Programme-at-glance.pdf

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  Suzanne Miller
PG Coordinator, Senior Lecturer and Kaiako (Wellington) SMiller@op.ac.nz

Suzanne is a Senior LecturerKaiako in the School of Midwifery, based at the Wellington satellite site, and graduated from Otago Polytechnic in 1991. Since then, she has practiced midwifery as a Lead Maternity Carer, offering both home and hospital births, a research interest she focused on for her Masters thesis. Suzanne has been an active New Zealand College of Midwives member since 1990 and has been a Midwife Reviewer in the MSR and MFYP programmes. She also holds positions on the Neonatal Encephalopathy Working Group of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee, and the Midwifery Council of New Zealand Professional Conduct Comittee. Suzanne has been teaching in both the undergraduate and postgraduate midwifery programmes since 2010.

Publications and Research

Patterson, J. Baddock, S. Miller, S. & Griffiths, C. (2014). Evaluation of a Bachelor of Midwifery programme using blended delivery to geographically spread satellites. International Confederation of Midwives (ICM )30th Triennial Congress, Midwives: Improving Women's Health Globally, Prague, Czech Republic, 1-5 June 2014.

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  Jean Patterson
Acting Co-Head of School, Masters Programme Coordinator and Research Coordinator jeanpat@op.ac.nz

Jean is a Principal lecturer, Masters Programme Coordinator, Research Coordinator and member of the Otago Polytechnic Ethics Committee in the School of Midwifery. She teaches in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and supervises thesis students. Jean has been working at Otago Polytechnic since 2000. Her previous midwifery practice experience has been in largely rural areas and her research interest is in the sustainability of a viable rural birth option. In particular, Jeans PhD study explored the challenges of managing the distance from specialist care when transfer was needed. Since 2010 Jean has been involved in School research projects aimed at evaluating the blended satellite midwifery programme which began in 2009. These projects have included a 3 year graduand cohort study, the experiences of Maori and Pacifica students in the programme and currently an alumni study. Her role also includes mentoring research active staff and students.

Publications and Research

Patterson, J., Skinner, J., & Foureur, M. (2015). Women’s decision making and experiences around transfer from rural maternity units to specialist care in rural Otago and Southland NZ Published online to the Journal subscribers to Midwifery.Available with doi.

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  Kerry Adams
Lecturer and Kaiako KAdams@op.ac.nz

Kerry joined the School of Midwifery in 2009 and is a LecturerKaiako. Graduating as a midwife from the Otago programme in 1999, she spent over a year working at the Wellington Womens Hospital. Returning to Dunedin in 2001, she began a Lead Maternity Carer practice and has worked at the Queen Mary as a Core Midwife. Kerry continues to provide a small LMC practice as well as working full time at Otago Polytechnic. Kerry is also involved in professional activities such as a mentor of new midwives in the MFYP programme, an NZCOM approved Expert Advisor for the HDC and on other professional committees for MCNZ and the National Screening Unit.

  Deb Beatson
Lecturer and Kaiako (Whanganui) DBeatson@op.ac.nz

Deb is a LecturerKaiako in the School of Midwifery, a position held since 2010, and is based at the Whanganui satellite site. Graduating from Otago Polytechnic as a midwife in 1999, she has since worked as a Community Midwife and Hospital Based Midwife in Whanganui Brisbane.

  Emma Bilous
Senior Lecturer and Kaiko (Central Otago) emmab@op.ac.nz

Emma joined the School of Midwifery in 2010 and is a LecturerStudent Practice Facilitator at the Central Otago satellite site, based in Wanaka. She graduated from Otago Polytechnic as a midwife in 1998 and established Mountain Mamas Midwives in Wanaka. Working in a rural location, Emma is acutely aware of the issues surrounding remote rural midwifery in New Zealand and is passionate about supporting and educating rural midwives.

  Catherine Donaldson
Senior Lecturer catherined@op.ac.nz

Catherine is a Lecturer within the School of Midwifery, based in Motueka. Her midwifery practice base is diverse as she supports women and her rural colleagues at home births and is also employed as a midwife at Nelson Hospital. Catherine is involved predominantly in the postgraduate midwifery programmes at Otago Polytechnic and also works as an educator for NZCOM, travelling throughout New Zealand facilitating Technical Skills Workshops.

Publications and Research

Donaldson, C (2015). Midwifery Preparation for Practice, 3eMidwifery Preparation for Practice, 3 e, Pairman, Pincombe, Thorogood & Tracy, Sydney, Elsevier

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  Rae Hickey
Senior Lecturer and Kaiako RAEH@op.ac.nz

Rae is a Senior Lecturer and Student Practice Facilitator in the School of Midwifery. She graduated from Otago Polytechnic in 1996 and began work immediately as a Lead Maternity Carer in a busy Wellington practice. After her daughter was born, she moved back to Dunedin and became immersed in undergraduate midwifery education. Rae now fits practice around her lecturer duties, maintaining her practising certificate and her links to current practice.

Publications and Research

Pairman, S., Hickey, R., Patterson, J. & Griffiths, C. (2012). Building a local midwifery workforce: a blended model of midwifery education at Otago Polytechnic. New Zealand College of Midwives (inc)12th Biennial Conference, Wellington, 24-26 August 2012.

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  Carolyn McIntosh
Senior Lecturer and Kaiako CarolynM@op.ac.nz

Carolyn is a Senior Lecturer and Kaiako in the School of Midwifery.Since arriving in New Zealand in 1981, she has been a rural midwife with a passion for primary midwifery care in the rural setting. Carolyn is also a casual midwife in the primary maternity unit in Balclutha. Carolyn is the New Zealand College of midwives OtagoSouthland family violence link midwife, involved in training workshops for midwives. Carolyn attained a certificate in tertiary teaching and learning in 2009. She has been involved in developing practice courses in a flexible format to enrich student engagement and learning. Carolyn is currently researching the use of video in midwifery student's assessment. Carolyn's other research interest is communities of practice in midwifery which was the focus of her thesis for her Masters Degree in Midwifery.

Publications and Research

McIntosh, C. M. (2008). Wise women's web: Rural midwives communities of practice. International Confederation of Midwives Congress, Glasgow, Scotland 1st June to 5th June 2008. 15 minute oral presentation.

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  Yvonne Mosley-Martin
Lecturer and Kaiako yvonnem@op.ac.nz

Yvonne is a Student Practice FacilitatorLecturer in the School of Midwifery, based in Dunedin, and has been working for Otago Polytechnic since 2011. Yvonne has worked as a core midwife in a primary and teriary matenity, and as a LMC. Yvonne is an Antenatal class teacher and breastfeeding coordinator. Yvonne has a passion for teaching which encourages, inspires and supports student midwives to be sucessful.

  Jade Wratten
Senior Lecturer and Kaiako (Palmerston North) JWratten@op.ac.nz

Jade is a senior lecturerkaiako in the School of Midwifery, based in the Palmerston North. She has worked predominantly as a midwife at Midcentral health hospital but also has and continues to provide lead maternity care. Jade truly believes that midwifery is a unique and fabulous role which deserves protection and nurturing within New Zealand. She is passionate about helping students develop and gain quality midwifery skills and knowledge.

Publications and Research

Wratten, J., Martin, C. & Mullen, A. (2014). Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childbirth : Food for thought.Chapter 3 in Davies, L. & Derry, R. Nutrition in Pregnancy and Childbirth: Food for Thought, Routledge. ISBN 10: 0415536065 / ISBN 13: 9780415536066

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Bridie Foster
Lecturer and Kaiako (Palmerston North and Wellington) bfoster@op.ac.nz

  Bridget Kerkin
Senior Lecturer and Kaiako (Wellington) bkerkin@op.ac.nz

Bridget is a Kaiako and Senior Lecturer, based at the Wellington satellite site, and began working for Otago Polytechnic in 2012. Since registering as a midwife in 1998, she has worked primarily as a Lead Maternity Carer and has also had the opportunity to practice as an employed midwife within primary and secondary facilities. Bridget has worked in urban, rural and remote rural regions and passionately believes in the maternity service of Aotearoa.

  Kimberly Smith
Lecturer kimberleys@op.ac.nz

Kimberley joined the School of Midwifery in 2011 and the School of Nursing in 2015 as a Bioscience Lecturer and is a teacher with a passion to provide the best possible education for her students. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Anatomy (Colorado State University, 2003) and a MSc in Anatomy (Otago University, 2008). She taught into the Human Body Systems courses at Otago University prior to working at Otago Polytechnic. She finds the human body fascinating in its structure and function and is excited to help her students apply this knowledge area to midwifery or nursing practice in New Zealand.

  Tricia Thompson
Senior Lecturer tthompson@op.ac.nz

Tricia is a senior lecturer within the School of Midwifery, and lives in Taranaki. Her midwifery practice has focused on provincial and rural homebirth services, but she has also worked in primary, secondary, and occasionally tertiary, maternity units in both provincial and urban settings in Aotearoa as well as isolated outback areas of Australia. Her other focus area has been on safe motherhood projects, gender empowerment, and sustainable development programmes in South and South East Asia. She is passionate about creating more sustainable ways of being, in all realms personal, professional and community.

Megan Walker
Lecturer and Kaiako mwalker@op.ac.nz

  Lisa Baier
Lecturer lbaier@op.ac.nz

Lisa is a Pharmacology Lecturer in the School of Midwifery and joined Otago Polytechnic in 2011. Originally from a small town near Salzburg in Austria, Lisa graduated in 2007 with a Magistra of Pharmacy, which is the equivalent of an MSc in Pharmacy. She became a registered pharmacist in Austria in 2008, after completing a one year internship in a rural community pharmacy in the Tyrolean mountains (near Innsbruck, Austria).

Sarah Clark
Kaiako (Southland) sarahc@op.ac.nz

Eleanor Martin
Kaiako (Wellington) emartin@op.ac.nz

Karen Wakelin
Lecturer and Kaiako (Wellington) KWakelin@op.ac.nz

Support Staff

Tungane Kani
Tutorial Assistant and Student Support tkani@op.ac.nz