Otago Polytechnic
ashleigh Smith Queen

3 July 2017

Otago Polytechnic Nursing student, Ashleigh Smith has received a ‘Queens Young Leaders Award’ from Queen Elizabeth II for her work with 'Sticks n Stones' a...
1300x830 Healthcare Expo

Starts: 3 August 2017

Want to work as a healthcare professional?Careers in Healthcare Expo
Thursday 3 August, 5.30pm–7.00pm
The Hub, Otago Polytechnic, Forth Street, Dunedin...
NUR profile AshleighSmith 005

14 June 2017

Ashleigh Smith is on the countdown to meet the Queen!The Otago Polytechnic Nursing student will receive a ‘Queens Young Leaders Award’ for her work with ‘...
Ashleigh Smith on 7S 3

29 May 2017

An Otago Polytechnic Nursing student is about to head to London to visit the Queen!Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II will present Ashleigh Smith with a ‘Queens...
Vicki Yarker opt2

23 May 2017

Otago Community Hospice is $6000 better off after a hopping great event at Otago Polytechnic at the weekend.Nursing Senior Lecturer and brewer, Vicki Yarker-Jon...
WellSouth Diabetties Product

28 April 2017

Transforming a makeshift cardboard model into a professional 3D-printed product could revolutionise the way diabetes is explained in the Southern District.Marry...
NUR gen BrittanyArthurScholarship2017 001

27 April 2017

“The fact that it was awarded by parents who’ve lost a child.  They don’t know how humbling that is”.Ann Gutsell, a mother herself, contemplates what i...