Otago Polytechnic

Head of Department

  Sherilyn (Sherry) Lilley
Associate Head of School sherryl@op.ac.nz

Sherry is the Co Head of the School of Nursing and has been working at Otago Polytechnic since 2001. She is a Registered Nurse and holds a BN, PG Dip in Tertiary Teaching (endorsed in Clinical) and a MHeaSC (Merit). Her Masters research was based around mentoring and student learning.

Publications and Research

Lilley, S. & Walton, S. (2010) Workforce Preparation: Transition to Work Place Reality 15th South Pacific Nurses Forum , Aotea Centre, Auckland. 8-11 November 1 hour presentation.

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  Ian Crabtree
Head of School ianc@op.ac.nz

Ian is the Head of School and has been in post since November 2016. Ian is a UK trained nurse in both adult and children's nursing. He has spent the last 30 years predominantly working in the field of paediatrics within the NHS and his last two clinical posts were Head of Nursing at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and latterly Leeds Children's Hospital. Ian has worked as a Lecturer and Senior LecturerPractitioner at a number of Higher Education Institutions University of Central Lancashire, University of Salford and University of Manchester where he undertook his MSc in Clinical Nursing graduating in 2005. He latterly before moving to New Zealand contributed to Child Health Nursing at the University of Leeds whilst working at Leeds Children's Hospital. Since arriving in New Zealand in 2015 Ian facilitated a Leadership and Management Course for Qualified Thai Nurses here at Otago Polytechnic and before taking up his current position was Service Manager at SDHB within the Adult Surgery Directorate.


Michelle Wassell
School Administrator mwassell@op.ac.nz

  Sherie Bell
School Administrator sbell@op.ac.nz

Sherie has been with the School of Nursing staff since January 2015. She has worked in administration and finance for more than ten years in both Dunedin and the Gold Coast. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Business.

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

Michelle Watt
Clinical Coordinator michellew@op.ac.nz

  Mereana Rapata-Hanning
Principal Lecturer/ Year One Coordinator mereana@op.ac.nz

Mereanas career at Otago Polytechnic began in 1996 and she is currently a Principal Lecturer and Year 1 Bachelor of Nursing Programme Manager within the School of Nursing. She is a Registered Nurse and her qualifications include a Master in Nursing and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching. Mereanas iwi affiliations are Ngati Kuri and Te Aupouri.

Publications and Research

Hogarth, K., Rapata-Hanning, M. (2014) Maori Health in Aotearoa. in Understanding Pathophysiology ANZ 3e edited by Craft, Gordon and Tiziani (eds).

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  Karole Hogarth
Principal Lecturer / Curriculum leader/ Year Two Coordinator KaroleH@op.ac.nz

Karole is a Principal Lecturer and has worked at Otago Polytechnic since 2005. During this time, she has worked within the Schools of Occupational Therapy, Midwifery and Nursing. She is a Registered Nurse (WINTEC) and holds a Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) and a PhD in Anatomy, both from the University of Otago. Her research interests are science education, simulation, reproductive biology and technology in education.

Publications and Research

Hogath, K. (2010) Keeping men in good health: three things everyone should know about the prostate. Otago Polytechnic Health Group Research Forum. 15 October. 30 min presentation.

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  Jean Ross
Principal Lecturer/ Year 3 Coordinator JeanR@op.ac.nz

Jean is a Principal Lecturer and has been working at Otago Polytechnic since 2003. She is a Registered Nurse, holds a BN and a Master of Arts, and is currently studying towards her Doctorate. From 19942003, she was codirector of the National Centre for Rural Health and instrumental in the development of interdisciplinary postgraduate nursing education. In 2008, she received the Rural General Practice Network Peter Snow Memorial Award in recognition of her national contribution to rural health care.

Publications and Research

Ross, J. (2016) Editorial. School of Nursing Online Journal. Vol 2 (1) 2016.

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  Linda Kinniburgh
Enrolled Nurse Coordinator, Principal Lecturer lindak@op.ac.nz

Linda currently manages the Enrolled Nurse programme in the School of Nursing Teaching at Otago Polytechnic since the mid 1980s, she has an extensive nursing practice background and has taken on various management opportunities, and has been Head of School, Nursing from 2005 until 2016. Linda loves working with diverse groups of people and completed her Masters thesis on Treaty of Waitangi education.

Publications and Research

Wilson,L., Kinniburgh, L. (2009) Autoethnography: exploration of a research method. Otago Polytechnic Health Research Forum. 12 August.

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  Emma Collins
Part Time Lecturer emmac@op.ac.nz

Emma CollinsParttime LecturerEmma is a Lecturer within the School of Nursing. She began working for OP in 2011 and holds a Master of Nursing, specialising in Child Health. Her background is in pediatric nursing and community child and family health, in particular, school nursing and public health. Email Emma.Collinsop.ac.nz

Publications and Research

Collins, E., Crawley,J. (2013) ePortfolios: Whats happening in undergraduate nursing education http://www.nursed.ac.nz/abstractdisplay.asp

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  Josephine Crawley
Senior Lecturer josiec@op.ac.nz

Josie CrawleySenior LecturerJosie has worked at Otago Polytechnic since 2000. She is a Senior Lecturer and her key foci are community nursing and nursing theory. Her qualifications include an RN from Christchurch Polytechnic, a BA and MEd (Counselling) from the University of Otago, and a GCTLT from Otago Polytechnic. Her research interests include communication, learning through narratives, storytelling and flexible learning. Email Josie.Crawleyop.ac.nz

Publications and Research

Crawley, J.C.; Mahoney, L. & Walton, S. (2016) Simulation: teaching Primary Health through Simulation. The National Rural Health Conference March 31st - 3 April 2016; Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Elizabeth (Liz) Ditzel
Principal Lecturer/ Research coordinator lizd@op.ac.nz

  Gail Foster
Lecturer (Timaru) gfoster@op.ac.nz

Gail is currently the Timaru Coordinator for the School of Nursing. Her career at Otago Polytechnic began in 2002 when she worked as a Timarubased Nursing Lecturer and her qualifications include RGON, Bachelor of Nursing and a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Nursing. In 2007, she was nominated by her students and awarded the OPSA Staff Award.

Chris Hendry
Senior Lecturer chrish@op.ac.nz

Barbara Lowen
Principal Lecturer barbaral@op.ac.nz

Laurie Mahoney
Senior Lecturer (part-time) lauriem@op.ac.nz

Rachel Sayers
Lecturer rsayers@op.ac.nz

Raeleen Thompson
Senior Lecturer RaeleenT@op.ac.nz

  Suzie Bartlett
Senior Lecturer/Course Coordinator suzieb@op.ac.nz

Suzie BartlettSenior LecturerCourse CoordinatorSuzie is a Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator within the School of Nursing. She has worked at OP since 2012 after spending three years employed as a Clinical Lecturer while working as a clinical RN. She is a Registered Comprehensive Nurse and holds a Masters Degree in Higher Education which includes a research project in the Mental Health Nursing Simulated learning environment..

Publications and Research

Bartlett, S. (2016) The simulated learning environment: The use of standardized actors in mental health nursing education.
The simulated learning environment.
MHNE Conference, Dunedin.

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  Vicki-Maree Yarker-Jones
Senior Lecturer vmyarker@op.ac.nz

Vicki is a parttime Senior Lecturer within the School of Nursing. She began working for Otago Polytechnic in 2009 and holds a Master of Arts (applied in Nursing). Her areas of expertise are professional supervisionclinical supervision, primary health and mental health. She lives in Tapanui, enjoys living a rural lifestyle and is also an award winning Craft Beer Brewer

Publications and Research

Yarker, V (2010) Providing a sustainable model of Professional Support for health professionals
Professional Supervision: Common threads, different patterns, Auckland University. 30 April - 1 May.

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  Ruth Gardener
Part-time Lecturer ruthg@op.ac.nz

Ruth is a Lecturer in the School of Nursing with a particular interest in Primary Health Nursing. She started working at Otago Polytechnic in 2009. Ruth is a Registered Comprehensive Nurse, has worked in a wide variety of health settings and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Health.

Anna Askerud
Lecturer aaskerud@op.ac.nz

  Geoffrey Harvey
Senior Lecturer gharvey@op.ac.nz

Geoffrey has a background of 25 years in acute care nursing. Most of this time has been spent in critical care. He is a Certified Emergency Nurse who is passionate about developing nurse learners within this challenging area. Geoffrey has extensive international experience, holding registration in four different countries. Geoffrey coordinates the Competence Assessment Program at Otago Polytechnic and is values the contribution that international nursing adds to the New Zealand healthcare context. He has completed a Masters Degree through the University of Newcastle and is currently working towards a Graduate Diploma of Tertiary Education.

Rebecca McDiarmid
Lecturer rebeccam@op.ac.nz

Cynthia Mullens
Lecturer cmullens@op.ac.nz

  Rachel Parmee
Senior Lecturer rparmee@op.ac.nz

Teaching in the Enrolled Nurse programmePrevious experience in all levels of the BN and former post graduate programmes in the school of nursing Previously worked in Quality Enhancement Centre

  Kimberly Smith
Lecturer kimberleys@op.ac.nz

Kimberley joined the School of Midwifery in 2011 and the School of Nursing in 2015 as a Bioscience Lecturer and is a teacher with a passion to provide the best possible education for her students. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Anatomy (Colorado State University, 2003) and a MSc in Anatomy (Otago University, 2008). She taught into the Human Body Systems courses at Otago University prior to working at Otago Polytechnic. She finds the human body fascinating in its structure and function and is excited to help her students apply this knowledge area to midwifery or nursing practice in New Zealand.


Sheryll Malthus
Clinical/SimulationTechnician NZRC ECI SMalthus@op.ac.nz

Support Staff

Deborah Cracknell (U001093)

Chelsea Gannon-Willmott
Nursing Lecturer chelseaw@op.ac.nz

Colette Wright