Otago Polytechnic

Information for Fieldwork 4 (Year 3)

Placement Aims

35 on-site hours per week for 8 weeks (280 hours)

This course enables learners to demonstrate competence through consistent application of occupational therapy skills and knowledge, within the practice setting, sustaining professional behaviours and attitudes at a consistent level.

At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Critique the role of the occupational therapist and occupational therapy using evidence informed practice within the local context.
  2. Practice occupational therapy at a consistent level* across identified areas of competence within the placement(s) setting.


Key Information

  • Offers in by 3 July
  • Allocation Notification week beginning 10 August
  • Pre-placement podcast link - New supervisors
  • Pre-placement podcast link - Experienced supervisors
  • Start Date – 28 September (be aware this is week 1 of school holidays)
  • Midway assessment week of 26 October
  • Final assessment Friday 20 November– (email/post back by Wednesday 25 November)


Important Documents