Otago Polytechnic

Head of Department

  Chris Williamson
Head of School ChrisW@op.ac.nz

Chris is Head of the School of Social Services and teaches on the Bachelor of Social Services. He is an experienced counsellor who has worked in numerous counselling roles for almost two decades. A national representative for the New Zealand Association of Counsellors, Chris holds a Master of Education (Endorsed in Counselling), as well as three other tertiary qualifications in Education. He has lived in Dunedin since he was seven so has strong links in the local community.

Publications and Research

Williamson, C. (2013). Developing a staff training package to support tau iwi engaging with a Maori Strategic Framework. New Zealand Association of Counsellors Annual Conference, Napier. May 23-24, 2013

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  Diane McKenzie
School Administrator Design, SoS,& H&S dianem@op.ac.nz

I joined Otago Polytechnic as a full time administrator in 2001. My responsibilities include financials, student administration, support to staff, and administration duties within the School of Design, School of Social Services and the English Language Centre. I also provide administration support to the Health Safety Manager.

Patricia Quensell
Careers Advisor patriciaq@op.ac.nz

  Shannon Booth
School Administrator shannonb@op.ac.nz

My hours of work are Mon to Fri, 8 to 2.30

Jo McDowell
School Administrator - Foundation Learning jmcdowell@op.ac.nz

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

  Erin Marlow
School Operations Coordinator emarlow@op.ac.nz

Office hours Monday Thursday 84.30pmI am located in H618, 6th Floor, H Block.

  Margaret McKenzie
Principal Lecturer, BSS Programme Manager margaretm@op.ac.nz

Margaret is the BSS Team Leader, teaching in Year 3 of the programme she also coordinates research project development and research capacity in the School of Social Services. She is a qualified and registered Social Worker with more than 30 years of experience as a social work academic in New Zealand. She has an extensive background as a social worker in specialist child and family mental health services and has been involved in many aspects of the development of the social work profession in New Zealand, including roles in the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Work.

Publications and Research

Young,S.,McKenzie,M.,Schjelderup,L.,Orme,C. & Walker,S (2014). What can we do to bring the Sparkle back into this child's eyes? Child Rights/Community Development Principles:Key Elements for a strengths based child protection practice Child Care in Practice,2014,20:1,135-152

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  Jeanette Rudd
Senior Lecturer /Programme Manager for Cert in HS JennyR@op.ac.nz

Jenny is a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health and joined OP in 2006. Prior to this, she worked in human service support roles and as a Social Worker in community and state roles. Jenny holds several qualifications including a Postgraduate Diploma in Social and Community Work and a Certificate of Competency in Social Work Supervision, and is now working towards her Master of Education. She is a member of the Aotearoa Association of Social Workers and was awarded a Student Association Student Choice Award for excellent teaching in 2010.

Publications and Research

Timms-Dean, K. & Rudd, J. (2011). Engaing Maori learners: a pedagocial framework. Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Nelson, 12 - 14 October.

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  Aaron Blaker
Team Leader/Lecturer English Language Centre ablaker@op.ac.nz

I am a teacher of English language, here at the English Language Centre. I am also, at the moment, Team Leader of the ELC, which means that I am in my office more than I am in the classroom.I have been a teacher for about 13 years. It is a skill and an occupation that runs in the family many generations of my family have been teachers, at primary, secondary and tertiary level.I have worked here at Otago Polytechnic for about 10 years. I really enjoy working with migrants, International students and all students in general. I regard education as an opportunity for transformation, a process that can lead to positive changes in a persons living and working circumstances. I see teaching as a science and an artform, and a social service.When Im not teaching, I am spending time with family, keeping fit, reading and writing, or growing vegetables. I have two brothers, two children, and a lot of garlic. I have travelled widely, in Asia, Europe and North America. I have learnt a lot about different countries, people and myself while travelling and teaching, and I understand what it is like to find your way in another country, culture and language.Thats enough of me. Welcome to the English Language Centre, where we do all we can to help you to find your way.

  Jessica Thompson
Team Leader/Course coordinator Akoraka Mahi Tini - Foundation Studies jthompson@op.ac.nz

Jessica is the coordinator of Akoraka Mahi Tini, a Maori pretrade foundation studies level 3 course and the Maori and Pacific Island pre trade high school Star Course. She has worked in the foundation studies department at Otago Polytech since June 2012. Jessica is currently studying part timeby distance at Otago University to complete a Masters of Education. Jessicas research interests involve strategic management, educational leadership, second chance learning for Maori and behavior management.

  Harriet Walsh
Team Leader/Senior Lecturer Foundation Studies hwalsh@op.ac.nz

Harriet Walsh is Co Team Leader and lecturer of Foundation Studies. She works with the Level 3 courses teaching Personal Skills Development, Careers as well as coordinating the Kickstart and Farmhand Programmes. Kickstart and Farmhand are aimed at young people aged 18 year olds, which focuses on getting work ready and back into employment. Harriet has a primary teaching background with a Bachelor of Education, and has completed post graduate study. Harriet has taught many years in Outdoor Pursuits, specifically White Water Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Tramping, which she still enjoys doing in her own time. Harriet has a two daughters, Hollie and Sophie.


  Christine Beker
Senior Lecturer CROOS@op.ac.nz

Ms Christine BekerChristine.Bekerop.ac.nz

Publications and Research

Beker, C. (2014). The Reading Literacy Test(LNAAT) as an early indication of retention and success in an open entry Level 3 Certificate programme FABENZ Challenges and Innovation Conference 2014, Tauranga, New Zealand, 4th and 5th December, 2014

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  Glenys Ker
Lecturer, Capable NZ Facilitator GlenysK@op.ac.nz

Glenys is a Lecturer in the School of Social Services and works parttime as a Capable NZ Facilitator. She is a qualified and highly experienced career development practitioner specialising in worklife coaching, leadership and management development, and all aspects of career planning. She holds a Masters of Career Development, as well as qualifications in commerce, management. elite performance and teaching, and has her own Dunedinbased business, CareerFit. Glenys has significant experience in teaching in secondary school, polytechnic and university contexts, as well as roles in senior management.

Publications and Research

Mann, S., Allen, E., Ker, G., Byars, R., Thompson, M., Jenkins, H. (2014). Mobile devices to increase student engagement in constructivist tertiary vocational education during #NPF14LMD ASCILITE Conference, Dunedin, November. http://ascilite2014.otago.ac.nz/posters/

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  Lisa Muir
Senior Lecturer/Placement Coordinator lisam@op.ac.nz

Lisa is a Senior Lecturer and Fieldwork Placement Coordinator within the School of Social Services. She holds the GCTLT (Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning), a Bachelor of Arts in (BA) Community and Family Studies, a Certificate in Te Mata a ao Maori and the National Mental Health Certificate (Level 4). Lisa has worked extensively in the intellectual disability, mental health and aged care fields.

Rachel Dibble
Lecturer RachelD@op.ac.nz

Ellen Morland
Lecturer Adult Literacy and Numeracy EllenM@op.ac.nz

Pariya Williams
Lecturer - English Language pariyaw@op.ac.nz

Michelle Ashbury
Foundation Studies michellea@op.ac.nz

Afife Boock
Lecturer English Language Centre aboock@op.ac.nz

Jill Davidson
Senior Lecturer - Foundation Studies JillD@op.ac.nz

  Jean Gordon
Lecturer - English Language Centre and ABE JGordon@op.ac.nz

Jean Gordon MAppLng TESOL, GCTLT, BA, BEd, Dip Tch, TESOL Cert, has worked as a lecturer for Otago Polytechnic in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) since 2002 on a variety of language courses ranging from part time to full time.Jeans office is situated in Parry Street She icurrently works part time as a lecturer for The English Language Centre teaching the 24 week English for Nursing course and also works for Architecture Building and Engineering co teaching the English component of the year long Certificate in English for Engineering course.

  Jade Morgan
Foundation Studies - Maori Trades jmorgan@op.ac.nz

Jade Morgan heralds from a beautiful little coastal village called Rapaki on Banks Peninsula in Christchurch. He has a background of working for Community Marae based Social Service N.G.Os (nongovernment organisations) delivering programmes on behalf of the community Iwi (Kai Tahu) to Youth at Risk in conjunction with C.Y.P.F.S, Youth Justice, Ministry of Ed Ministry of Health to name a few. Jade has also cocreated a Community Probation Service Cultural Programme for the Canterbury region, Manawa Ora Manawa Toa as well as a Physical activities Nutritional information programme Mau Rakau in Schools. Currently Jade is working here at O.P as a lecturer with Foundation Studies students in Youth Guarantees Akoraka Mahi Tini (Maori PreTrade).

Stephanie Revell
Lecturer srevell@op.ac.nz

Support Staff

  Judy Buckingham
Senior Lecturer / Clinic Manager Kowhai Centre JudyB@op.ac.nz

Judy is a Senior Lecturer and the Clinic Manager for the Kowhai Centre. She also contributes to the teaching of the Certificate in Health through Foundation Studies. Judy trained as a primary teacher and later as a social worker, and started working for OP in 2006. She has experience in working in mental health services, providing counselling and social work support to young people, their families and schools, and she is a member of NZAC.

  Pam Morrison
Senior Lecturer / Year 1 Coordinator PMORRISON@op.ac.nz

Pam is a Senior Lecturer and Year One Coordinator of the Bachelor of Social Services. Working at OP since 2004, she combines her teaching with a counselling practice. Prior to this, Pam worked in client education and personal development training at a range of social service agencies for 15 years. She is a member of NZAC and has undertaken psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis since 2005. Pam also has a strong interest in writing and has taught journalism and feature writing at tertiary level.

Publications and Research

Morrison, P. (2013). Fields of Gold: A co-authored journey of life love and death. Attentive Writers: Healthcare, Authorship and Authority. University of Glasgow; 23 – 25 August.

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Judy Magee
Programme Leader - Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing and Early Childhood jmagee@op.ac.nz

  Dianne Begg
Senior Lecturer dianneb@op.ac.nz

Diane is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Services and, as an educator and counsellor, holds a Master of Education (Counselling), Diploma in Humanities and Trained Teachers Certificate. She has been a member of the New Zealand Association for Counsellors for two decades and, since 1995, has worked with tertiary students in various capacities to support them to articulate their understandings of how they work with others and how this is expressed within a workplaceclinical situation.

Publications and Research

Begg, D. (2012) From Theory to Integrated Practice.
Frustration and the drive to become a “good enough” counselling practitioner.
New Zealand Association of COunsellors) Research Confernce, 3-4 Dec 2012. Eatstern Institute Technology Hawkes Bay.

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Jill Elder
Lecturer JElder@op.ac.nz

Glenda Dixon
Senior Lecturer gdixon@op.ac.nz

  Trixie (Patricia) Campbell
Lecturer - Foundation Studies patriciac@op.ac.nz

Patricia (known as Trixie) lectures in Foundation Learning in the Department of Architecture, Building and Engineering.Trixie is a primary trained teacher with a Diploma in Teaching and a Bachelor of Education. Her interest is in developing student based learning experiences that meet the needs of her students. Trixie has also undertaken considerable training in working with students who are experiencing difficulties with reading and spelling.