Otago Polytechnic

Level 2 Primary Industry Skills plus English Language


Central Otago


On campus and at a local horticultural or agricultural farms

Fruit Production: November-April
Dairy, Sheep and Beef Farming: May-December
This programme allows you to improve your English language skills and get hands-on experience working in either fruit production, dairy farming or sheep and beef farming. 

You could be involved in the cherry or grape harvest, lambing operations or milking dairy cows - depending on the area you're studying. 

The programme content is formed from key units of learning used throughout the New Zealand horticulture, viticulture and agriculture industry. The learning is supported by industry who recognise the importance of a practically-skilled workforce. This means that you will be well-prepared to work as the knowledge and skills you gain are industry-relevant and up-to-date.

Graduates will achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2) and an English Language participation certificate.  

Entry requirements
  • This programme has open entry and is only available to international students.
  • You must supply us with certified proof of identity. 
You will study
Fruit Production strand 

This programme runs for approximately five months (November - April) and includes a six-week placement in the cherry industry. 

  • Late November to mid-December: You will take part in English Language classes and study horticulture - primarily fruit production. 
  • Mid-December to late January: Gain hands-on experience harvesting cherries. 
  • Late January to late March: Resume your English and horticulture studies. 
  • Late March to late April: Gain hands-on experience harvesting grapes. 
Dairy/Sheep and Beef Farming strand

This programme runs for approximately eight months (May - December) and includes a 20-week placement on a dairy farm. 

  • May to end July: You will take part in English language classes and study Agriculture-Dairy, Sheep and Beef Farming. 
  • August to early December: Gain hands-on experience living and working on a New Zealand dairy farm or sheep and beef farm. 

At the end of the programme, you will return to class for review and graduation before returning home in time for Christmas. 

English language

You will develop your English language reading, writing, speaking and listening skills during this programme. You will gain knowledge across a small range of topics relating to technical, industry-specific language, community services and resources, including some aspects of employment and education. The content will be tailored to suit your needs and your specific programme.

Programme completion 

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Level 2) and an English Language participation certificate.  


While every effort is made to ensure that this sheet is accurate, Otago Polytechnic reserves the right to amend, alter or withdraw any of the contained information. The fees shown in this document are indicative ONLY. Both domestic and international fees are subject to change and are dependent on the development and implementation of Government policies. Please note that additional fees may from time to time be required for external examination, NZQA fees and/or additional material fees.

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