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Anna Chan
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  Kate Clapham-Dorjee
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General school administration for Sport and Adventure
Sargood Gallery bookings

Head of Department

  Hayden Croft
Acting Head of Programmes Hayden.Croft@op.ac.nz

Hayden is Academic Leader for the Performance Analysis postgraduate programme. Hayden’s expertise lies in a variety of areas all focused on advancing coaching through the use of innovative technologies and performance analysis. This has included work with the All Blacks, Highlanders, Otago Rugby, Oceania Rugby and Southern Steel Netball.

A winner of the Innovation in Sport category at the 2015 Otago Sports Awards Hayden currently manages performance analysis with the Southern Steel netball team (2012-present) and the Otago ITM Cup rugby team (2013-present). He has a Master in Physical Education (Biomechanics) and a Bachelor in Physical Education (Sports Science Prescription), both from the University of Otago.

He is currently working on his PhD (Performance Analysis) at AUT, which focuses on guiding coaches through large data sets, as well as holding the interim Chairperson position with the NZ Performance Analysis Working Group. Hayden provides immersion style learning for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Publications and Research

Middlemas,S., Croft, H. and Watson, F. (2017) Behind closed doors: The role of debriefing and feedback in a professional rugby team. International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching, 0(0), Available online 7 Nov 2017. https://doi.org/10.1177/1747954117739548

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Ash R opt
Ash Rohloff
Lecturer Ash.Rohloff@op.ac.nz

  Codi Ramsey
Lecturer Codi.Ramsey@op.ac.nz


Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health - Acting Academic Lead for Masters of Applied Science degree
Occupational Therapy - Lecturer and Course Coordinator for Human Body and Movement


PhD - Physiotherapy - University of Otago, 2018
Masters of Health, Physical Education and Recreation - Utah State University, USA, 2014
Bachelor of Science, Health and Human Performance, Montana State University Billings, USA, 2009

Research Interests:

I like to use mixed methods research to understand the complex system underpinning the implications of footwear on athletic performance and injury. My current projects include:
- effects of asymmetric footwear on netball specific movements: A biomechanical study
- role of asymmetric footwear on netball performance: A longitudinal study
- developing the certified footwear analyst
- role of footwear on muscle activation and fatigue in runners
- use of field-based data collection to understand the effects of footwear asymmetry on running performance

Approach to postgraduate supervision:

It is all about the students. I am always fascinated with the topics that my students want to explore. I like to get involved with as much of the project as I can and help students build their toolbox to standout in industry.

Publications and Research

Ramsey,C., Lamb,P., Kaur,M., Baxter,G., & Ribeiro,D. (2019) How are running shoes assessed? A systematic review of characteristics and measurement tools used to describe running footwear. JOURNAL OF SPORTS SCIENCES

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David McQ
David McQuillan
Senior Lecturer David.McQuillan@op.ac.nz

Geoff S
  Geoff Simons
Senior Lecturer Geoff.Simons@op.ac.nz

I have been involved in organising sporting events since 1980's and this includes three University Games as Event Manager. I have been Sport Liaison Coordinator for the NZ Masters Games for the last seven times in Dunedin. I organise the annual SI Junior Rugby Tournament for under 15 teams and the annual Girls Rugby Festival in Oamaru. All events that give students a chance to gain practical experience. Currently involved in rugby and lawn bowls administration at various levels.

Publications and Research

Simons, G. & Adams, L. (2017) Significance of Birth Dates of NZ National Rugby Players (All Blacks) - a comparison of the professional and amatuer eras. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Health and Wellbeing, 1, Activity, 164-170. www.thescopes.org.nz

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Helen McDermott
Lecturer Helen.McDermott@op.ac.nz

MarkhamBrown S
  Markham Brown
Lecturer Markham.Brown@op.ac.nz

Markham Brown

  Mat Blair
Principal Lecturer Mat.Blair@op.ac.nz

Matt is Academic Leader for postgraduate studies in the Strength and Conditioning speciality. Matt has a Masters in Physical Education from the University of Otago and Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching from Otago Polytechnic.

Matt has led the development of new undergraduate programmes in Personal Training and Physical Conditioning as well as the postgraduate programme in Strength and Conditioning. In 2014 Matt was awarded an OP Excellence in Leadership. His passion is with physical activity and nutrition, especially conditioning for elite-level athletes. Matt has his own consultancy business working with World Rugby. He has experience in postgraduate supervision, taking a student-led approach and encouraging creative thinking.

Publications and Research

Bester, C., Coetzee, D., Schall, R., & Blair, M. (2019) Physical demands on elite lead rugby union referees. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport

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  Phil Handcock
Lecturer Phil.Handcock@op.ac.nz

Phil counts himself privileged to have enjoyed a 35-year career (so far) practicing, teaching and researching in the field of sport, exercise, and physical activity. Before joining academia, Phil worked in sports injury rehabilitation, rugby strength and conditioning, and in the exercise prescription sector. He has 25 years plus of tertiary education experience in those same fields, teaching, researching and supervising postgraduate students - and loving every minute of it.

Following the completion of a BPhEd (Otago), Phil went on to complete an MSc in Exercise Rehabilitation at the University of Alberta, and a Ph.D. at Otago focused on Achilles tendon injuries and the H-reflex. He has extensive experience teaching in the areas of Exercise Prescription and Strength and Conditioning.

His research interests are diverse and have included work on rugby injury prevention, return to play decision making within rugby, concussion management and return to play/study in tertiary students, and employment fitness assessments. The latter has involved contract research work with the NZ Defence Forces, NZ Police, and NZ Customs. Phil’s current research emphasises more qualitative research methods and focuses broadly on the professional competence of exercise professionals. Along with colleagues, he is currently working on a textbook on the development of professional competence of strength and conditioning coaches, due for an early 2020 publication. He blogs on things physical activity and exercise at the10thman.org

Recent publications and presentations

Refereed Journal Articles

Sullivan, S.J., Handcock, P., Gray, A., Jackson, D.S., (2019) Does the purchase of a mobility scooter alter physical activity levels in older adults? Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology (IIDT) hHps://doi.org/ 10.1080/17483107.2019.1620352

Salmon, D., Sullivan, S.J., Handcock, P., Rehrer, N., Niven, B. (2017 ) Neck strength and self-reported neck dysfunction: what is the impact of a season of rugby union? J Sports Med. Phys. Fitness doi10.23736/50022-4707.17.070700-0

Salmon, D., Handcock, P., Sullivan, S.J., Rehrer, N., Niven, B. (2017) Can neck strength be measured using a single maximal contraction in a simulated contact position? J Strength and conditioning research. doi:10.1519/JSC.000000000001874

Douglas, J., Plews, D. J., Handcock, P. J., & Rehrer, N. J. (2016). The beneficial effect of parasympathetic reactivation on sympathetic drive during simulated rugby sevens. International Journal of Sports Physiology & Performance, 11(4), 480-488. doi: 10.1123/ijspp.2015-0317

Handcock, P & Cassidy, T. (2014) Reflective Practice for Rugby Union Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 36(1): 41- 45

(Translated into Japanese; Handcock, P., & Cassidy, T. (2016). ラグビー選手を指導す る S&C コーチのための内省的実践 [Reflective practice for rugby union strength andconditioning coaches], Strength and Conditioning Journal, 23(10), 52-56.)

Salmon, D.M., Handcock, P. Sullivan, S.J., Rehrer, N., Niven, B. (2014) Reliability Of Repeated Isometric Neck Strength And Endurance Testing In A Simulated Contact Posture. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000000689

Dempsey, P. C., Handcock, P. J., Rehrer, N. J. (2013): Body armour: the effect of load, exercise and distraction on landing forces, Journal of Sports Sciences, DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2013.823226

Book Chapters

2017, Fit to Serve: Contemporary Expectations of Physical Fitness in Law Enforcement (Handcock, P.) in Police: Global Perceptions, Performance and Ethical Challenges. Cindy M. Wong (Ed.) Nova Publishing, Hauppauge, N.Y.

Technical Reports

Handcock, P.J. & Sullivan, S.J. (2019) The NZ Rugby Blue Card Concussion Initiative: A provincial union’s experience. Report No. 2019.1 School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Handcock, P.J. (2016). Physical Appraisal Test: Review of Literature. Commissioned by New Zealand Police. Dunedin, New Zealand: University of Otago. 93p
Dempsey, P., & Handcock, P. (2011). The impact of SRBA and mandated appointments on police performance. Commissioned by New Zealand Police. Dunedin, New Zealand: University of Otago. 116p.

Handcock, P. J., & Dempsey, P. C. (2011). A review of the New Zealand Police Physical Competency Test. Commissioned by New Zealand Police. Dunedin, New Zealand: School of Physical Education, University of Otago. 101p.


Handcock, P., Gearity, B., Cassidy, T., Burrows, L. (2017) When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear: The Conflicted Strength And Conditioning Coach? 11th ICCE Global Coach Conference 31 July-2 August 2017 Liverpool John Moores University

Cassidy, T., Handcock, P., Gearity, B., Burrows, L. (2017) Starting A Conversation: Exploring The Pedagogical, Social And Cultural Foundations Of Strength And Conditioning Coaching.11th ICCE Global Coach Conference 31 July-2 August 2017 Liverpool John Moores University

Cassidy, T., Handcock, P., (2017) Rugby strength and conditioning: Fronting up to contemporary issues in practice. The World in Union (New Zealand) Conference, Palmerston North, June 29-30, 2017

Handcock, P., Cassidy, T.,(2017) Rugby: A conspiracy of pain. The World in Union (New Zealand) Conference, Palmerston North, June 29-30, 2017

Cassidy, T., Handcock, P., (2017) Rugby Strength & Conditioning: Knowing Where We Come From Helps Us Know Where to Go. The World in Union (New Zealand) Conference, Palmerston North, June 29-30, 2017

Sullivan, S.J., Collins, K., Grey, A., Handcock, P. (2017) Blue card: referees’ perspectives of a rugby union concussion recognition and management programme. Br J Sports Med; 51:A80, doi:10.1136/bjsports-2016-097270.206

Stadnyk, A. M. J., Rehrer, N. J., Handcock, P. J., & Coeer, J. D. (2015, August- September). Effects of muscle heating on hypertrophy and strength responses to resistance training. Poster session presented at the Medical Sciences Congress (MedSci), Queenstown, New Zealand.

Douglas, J., Plews, D. J., Handcock, P. J., & Rehrer, N. J. (2014). Influence of cold water immersion on cardiac autonomic measures during a simulated rugby sevens tournament. New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine, 41(2), (pp. 75). [Abstract]

Blake, I. M., & Handcock, P. J. (2014). Performance effects of a rugby simulated upper body activity on subsequent lower body activity. New Zealand Journal of Sports Medicine, 41(2), (pp. 75). [Abstract]

Handcock, P., Dempsey, P. (2014) Fit to Serve: Lessons from the New Zealand Police physical competency test. International Association of Police Chiefs Conference, Orlando

  Richard Humphrey
Principal Lecturer Richard.Humphrey@op.ac.nz

Richard is Academic Leader for the postgraduate programme in Exercise and Health, and Chair of the Otago Polytechnic Research Ethics Committee. Richard has a Master of Science (Exercise Health and Nutrition) and a Master of Philosophy (Exercise Nutrition and Public Health), both from the University of Bristol.

Richard’s research interest is in the therapeutic use of exercise. His teaching includes research methods, exercise and health related topics and the research projects on the undergraduate degree. His approach to supervision is holistic and focussed on social science projects with a health component.

Publications and Research

Spenceley, K. & Humphrey, R. & Lingam-Wilgoss, C. (2017) Defining Ultra-Endurance: a survey of athletes and coaches to achieve a consensus definition. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Health and Wellbeing, Activity, 1. 171-179.

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  Sarah Sellar
Senior Lecturer Sarah.Sellar@op.ac.nz

Sarah has been teaching in the outdoors for the last ten years and worked or volunteered on six different continents. This has included helping a fledgling dance group in a township in Zimbabwe, abseiling students off a castle in Wales and managing the unusual event of tramping up an erupting volcano in Nicaragua. She has worked for various companies including Hillary Outdoors where she spent three summers on Great Barrier Island. She holds a degree in Environmental Management, a Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education and a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice. She also holds NZOIA level 2 Bush, level 1 Rock with Sport Endorsement, level 1 Sea Kayak, Avalanche 1 and Pre-hospital Emergency Care (PHEC).

Publications and Research

Sellar, S. & Middlemas, S. (2017) Incorporating sustainability into overseas travel for physical activity students. Scope Contemporary Research Issues, Health & Wellbeing, 1, Activity, 106-116. www.thescopes.org

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  Simon Middlemas
Principal Lecturer Simon.Middlemas@op.ac.nz

Simon is the programme leader for the Master of Applied Science and Research Coordinator at the Otago Institute of Sport Adventure (Otago Polytechnic). Following a BA (Hons) in Sport Studies at Northumbria University, in the UK, Simon completed an MSc in Sport Exercise Psychology at Loughborough University. He followed this with PhD in Sport Psychology at Loughborough University, focused on the use of video feedback in the psychological preparation of elite youth football players and coaches.

Simon has worked as a sport psychology consultant within elite and development sport, including for Otago Rugby Football Union and a previous roles with the English Institute of Sport (EIS), Britain (GB) Swimming, GB Volleyball/Beach Volleyball, England Netball, The British Equestrian Federation and the English Football Association. He is a Health and Care Professionals Council registered Psychologist (Practitioner), and has attended the Olympic (Beijing, London), world, European and Commonwealth Games as a practitioner. Simon’s current research interest include the psychological factors underpinning video feedback delivery in sport, the working conditions of sport scientists and the expectations of tertiary education students.

Publications and Research

Middlemas, S. (2018) Behind Closed Doors: The role of Debrieng and feedback in a Professional New Zealand Rugby Club. Oral presentation at 23rd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science between 4 - 7 July 2018 in Dublin - Ireland.

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Stefan Austin
Lecturer Stefan.Austin@op.ac.nz

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

  Adain Summerfield
Senior Lecturer Adain.Summerfield@op.ac.nz

Adain Summerfield
Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer
Adain is the Programme Manager for the Personal Training and Exercise Prescription major within the Diploma of Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership. Adain joined the OISA team in 2002 and teaches in the areas of exercise physiology, exercise prescription and Personal Training practise. He Has a Bachelor's of Physical Education and is studying towards completion of a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health.
Email: adain.summerfield@op.ac.nz

BrendonTimmins S
Brendon Timmins
Principal Lecturer Brendon.Timmins@op.ac.nz

Gary B
  Gary Barclay
Principal Lecturer Gary.Barclay@op.ac.nz

Gary’s areas of interest include health psychology, exercise psychology and sport psychology. Gary has a Master of Physical Education (Sport Psychology - with Distinction), a Graduate Diploma in Science (Psychology) and a Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching. He has been teaching in tertiary education for approximately 15 years.

Gary has consulted with a wide range of athletes, teams and performing artists, from junior club level through to those competing in masters international competition, to help them achieve peak performance in their fields. He has a particular interest in the relationship between exercise or physical activity and mental health and well-being. He is also interested in the development and transfer of life skills between sport and other life environments.

Gary enjoys the challenge of helping students at many levels of tertiary study including certificate through to masters level.

Publications and Research

Irvine,N., Barclay, G., & Humphrey, R. (2018) Exposure of the female body image in the media and the effect on athlete and non-athlete females’
body image dissatisfaction
Scope Contemporary Research Topics (Health & Wellbeing), 3, Occupation.

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JoMorrison S
Jo Morrison
Lecturer Jo.Morrison@op.ac.nz

Kim Park
Senior Lecturer Kimberly.Park@op.ac.nz

Laura Munro
Lecturer Laura.Munro@op.ac.nz

Peter M Bilous AK BW 2016
  Peter Bilous
Principal Lecturer Peter.Bilous@op.ac.nz

Peter is the Programme Manager for our Avalanche Risk Management & Snowsport Instructing Programmes. He is qualified in Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics, but changed career path after many years to work in the mountains as a ski instructor, ski patroller and ski guide before moving on to teaching. He is a fully qualified national and international (NZSIA and ISIA) Telemark Ski Instructor Examiner and past National Divisional Director, Technical Director and NZSIA Executive Committee Member. He was selected to represent New Zealand for 3 consecutive Interski demonstration events in Norway, Switzerland and South Korea.

Continuing to test theory and practice, Peter prioritises being current in industry and actively ski guides and avalanche forecasts around the globe. He is experienced in maritime to continental snowpacks from Alaska to the Himalaya, Japan to Canada and USA to NZ.

Peter has completed a New Zealand adult teaching qualification and has been well recognised for his efforts in the field of teaching. He was cited for an Otago Polytechnic Teaching Award in 2009 and the Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching National Award in 2011. Peter is also very active in the area of mountain and avalanche safety. In fact, risk management is central to his teaching & guiding; he teaches all clients and students to understand the risks posed by the mountains, and how to mitigate those risks.

He considers himself very fortunate to have the worlds largest whiteboard - the mountains, to share his passion for the mountains. Peter believes in maximizing the fun factor out there such that we can return and do it all again.

  Peter Eley
Senior Lecturer Peter.Eley@op.ac.nz

Peter Eley is currently the program coordinator for the outdoor education programs based at the Central Campus, Cromwell, Otago Polytechnic . He has been involved in the outdoors for over 20 years, working across continents before settling in New Zealand. You mainly find him in a boat or more recently on a bike. He holds national and international qualifications in kayaking, tramping and sea kayaking .

Roger S
  Roger Southby
Principal Lecturer Roger.Southby@op.ac.nz

Roger Southby

Roger began working at the OISA in 2005. He has had a long involvement in sports from his playing days through to administration and coaching. Team Manager for the NZ Badminton team for 2009- 1014 including Delhi and Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Whyte Trophy series, 2012 and 2104 Oceania championships, Thomas and Uber Cup qualifying tournament. Selector for Badminton NZ since 2009. High performance coordinator august 2013- June 2014. Roger has been actively involved with various Otago Polytechnic working groups such as Academic Approvals Committee, involvement with the new student management system, assessing work readiness, high performing teams, learning spaces design team. Roger has also been involved on the working party for Sport and Recreation for the Tertiary Review of Qualifications. Previous employment has been as teacher (secondary and intermediate level), a sport development coordinator for Sport Otago and regional manager for Netball Otago. He has a keen interest in assisting people with their coaching careers and has been involved with coach mentoring programmes with Badminton New Zealand.
Email: Roger.southby@op.ac.nz

SimonBody S
  Simon Body
Lecturer Simon.Body@op.ac.nz

Currently teaching on the Bachelor of Applied Science and in the postgraduate Strength & Conditioning stream, Simon has previously been a professional tennis coach for 18 years, working with juniors in Dunedin, Christchurch and Melbourne. He’s also worked as a strength and conditioning coach for three international rugby teams, including the Fiji 2015 World Cup squad.

“The first game was against England before a crowd of 82,000 at Twickenham, which was just incredible – it was an awesome feeling to walk into that environment. Playing Australia and Wales in front of the vocal crowds at Cardiff was also a moving experience.”

His roles have included gym- and field-based conditioning and monitoring – often using GPS technology – and fostering players’ overall wellness.

“I thoroughly enjoy the teaching and coaching aspects of my roles and the commitment to experiential learning here at OP. And the professional development opportunities here are outstanding.”

Simon has a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Otago (1997) and completed the Graduate Diploma in Physical Conditioning at Otago Polytechnic (2011). He has just completed his Masters in Professional Practice, investigating movement dysfunctions and possible movement corrections and their relationships with strength and conditioning.

Publications and Research

Blair, M. Body, S. Croft H. (2017) Relationship between physical metrics and game success with elite rugby sevens players. Journal International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, Published online 11 July 2017 http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/24748668.2017.1348060

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Support Staff

  Kathryn Van Der Vliet
Placement Coordinator Kathryn.vanderVliet@op.ac.nz

My role as Placement Coordinator involves building and maintaining key industry relationships and connecting Bachelor of Applied Science students with local, National and International providers for placement opportunities. Also assisting and supervising the development of wellness programmes.