A Plumbing qualification from Otago Polytechnic will put you on the right path towards being a highly competent, and fully qualified plumber. Learn the basis of the trade, and know your way around the tools needed to work as a professional in the industry, installing, joining and sealing pipes and fittings.

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A Plumbing qualification from Otago Polytechnic will arm you with a solid understanding of how to use the correct tools, and safe plumbing techniques, as well as an appreciation for regulatory roles, health and safety, industry language and culture of the trade.

With a Plumbing qualification from Otago Polytechnic, you will graduate with apprenticeship experience under your belt. Our hands-on pre-apprenticeship programme will give you the work-ready skills you need to enter the industry – your first step on the path to becoming fully-qualified.

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Gain work-ready skills with this pre-apprenticeship qualification. As part of your apprenticeship, you will learn to perform basic tasks under supervision through our on-the-job simulations. In addition, you’ll also learn how to follow industry health and safety protocols and get trained and certified in first aid.


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