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Sometimes life throws a curveball, and in 2020 Covid-19 is that curveball. For some, lockdown was a nice break from normality - a time to slow down and enjoy the simple things for a while. But for many others, lockdown came with some serious repercussions. It changed things, and not for the better. 


Lockdown caused people with amazing careers overseas to come home and wait out the storm. But now international travel is on ice and people are left waiting and wondering when they can return. 

Lockdown caused business owners to make incredibly tough decisions about keeping staff, or even worse, to close. Yet their entrepreneurial spirit didn’t die overnight. But perhaps confidence or financial security did.

Lockdown caused talented tourism professionals to rethink their entire career, temporarily or permanently. Their skills remain but transferring them to different industries takes a chance that some are not fortunate to get.

Lockdown caused everyday New Zealanders to face hardship, perhaps for the first time. Redundancies and cut hours mean establishing new ways of living and surviving.


Basically, lockdown caused a whole lot of stress and limbo for a whole lot of people.

Plans changed. Worry hit. Options decreased.


So, now what?

As a vocational education provider, it's incredibly important for us to be across the state of New Zealand’s industry and employment.  We need to understand what employers look for in their hires - skills, experience and attitudes. And we need to understand industry trends so we can predict where opportunities lie for people to become trained and skilled. 

However, in our post-covid research, we identified some really good, viable options for people. 

  • to support your health, emotional state and financial situation
  • to reset and pivot your career
  • to help others as there’s always someone in a worse situation


So please, hold onto the fact that you do have options. And some of them are really good.


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Download Mentemia, Sir John Kirwan's free mental health coaching app:

Keep up-to-date with the latest Covid-19 news, support and advice from the Ministry of Health:

Take advantage of the vast amount of support set up for Dunedin businesses:

Understand and use all of the financial support that is available to people affected by Covid-19:


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Volunteer your skills (remotely) to inspiring global initiatives:

Help kiwi kids navigate their own path out of material hardship and into academic and life success:

Offer your support to a range of volunteer groups in New Zealand:

Put your professional skills to good use contributing to local community projects:



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Be linked to employers who are looking for work-ready people right now:
Work and Income

Get your CV up-to-date and learn how to write a cover letter that gets you that interview:

Show your value with EduBits:

Use a range of free tools to help plan out your next career move:

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Explore our semester 2 programmes that start in July:
Semester 2 programmes

Get a free qualification in a high-demand industry, even if you've studied before:
Targeted Training & Apprenticeship Fund

Train while you work in a range of industries through MSD's Mana in Mahi programme:
Mana in Mahi

Use your experience to fast-track a qualification:
Capable NZ