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Seeing your child transition from high school to tertiary education can be daunting for a lot of parents. Rest assured, we take full responsibility for the welfare and safety of your loved one while they’re in our care, and we guarantee they have a valuable educational experience with us.

Career pathways

Otago Polytechnic’s programmes are grouped into seven career pathways. This is to make it easier for  students to figure out how to turn their interest in a particular industry into the practical skills and knowledge they’ll need to secure a job.

Many of our students are interested in more than one career pathway – that’s great too. We offer programmes that combine elements of business with sport, for example, or engineering with design. To find out more, choose one of following options:

Health and Community 



Business and IT

Trades and Technical

Sport and Adventure

Life Sciences

Entry requirements

Each programme has entry requirements a student must meet. This information can be found on each programme information sheet and in the Programme Guide.

Student support

Starting life as a new student can be exciting as well as challenging.  We have a friendly team of student support professionals who are here to help students through any issues that might arise, and ensure their time here is rewarding as well as fun!

Allowances and loans

A student loan can help to finance your study. It's made up of three parts - compulsory fees, course-related costs and living costs. You have to pay a student loan back.

A student allowance is a weekly payment to help with your living expenses while you study full-time. You don't have to pay this back.

For more information about student loans and allowances, visit the StudyLink website. 


Otago Polytechnic can help your child find a suitable place to live, and provide ongoing accommodation assistance and support. Where you live will depend on which campus you’re programme is offered. For more information, please visit our accommodation pages.


Central Otago


Do you have a question? 

We are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Please contact:

New Zealand 0800 762 786  
International +64 3 477 3014