Otago Polytechnic

Head of Department

Jean Tilleyshort
Acting Director Learning and Teaching Development jeant@op.ac.nz

Barbara Emmitt
Campus Operations Manager bemmitt@op.ac.nz

Programme Managers / Coordinators / Professors

  Steve Henry
Centre for Sustainable Practice steveh@op.ac.nz

Steve Henry is a specialist educator with over 20 years experience. As a Senior Advisor with The Natural Step, he has been working to embed sustainable practices into businesses and local government over the last 10 years.Steves approach focuses on enabling people and organisations to reconcile their true purpose with delivery in a sustainable future, and creating practical pathways from here to there. Steve has developed a number of practical and applied training approaches for sustainable practice, and over the past 10 years has enjoyed working with hundreds of people in many organisations to deliver and refine the method. Steve is currently the programme director at the Centre for Sustainable Practice and is based in Turangi.

Publications and Research

Henry, S. (2011) Shaping Our Future in the Queenstown Lakes District. See website www.shapingourfuture.org.nz , established March 2011.

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  Alexa Forbes
Sustainable Practice Advisor / Lecturer aforbes@op.ac.nz

Alexa Forbes works for the Centre for Sustainable Practice as a Sustainability Advisor and also serves as a Councillor on the Queenstown Lakes District Council. Previously she had a successful career in journalism, broadcasting and public relations. She completed her Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice in 2012.A member of the Institute of Directors, Alexa works to drive future focused change through community organisations and governance structures. She brings communication skills and a broad understanding of organisational development to the programme.

Support Staff

  Ella Lawton
Sustainable Practice Advisor & Research Manager ellal@op.ac.nz

Ella Lawton is the Research Manager for the Centre for Sustainable Practice. She has taught on the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice since its inception. Ella holds a Master's degree in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability from Sweden, a Postgraduate Diploma in Antarctic Studies from Canterbury and degrees in Law and Science (Ecology) from the University of Otago. In 2013, she completed her PhD calculating the Ecological Footprint of New Zealand.Ella was project manager for The New Zealand Footprint Project, a study which highlighted the importance of food systems. She is also an elected Councillor, representing the Wanaka Ward on the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Publications and Research

Lawton, E (2014) Otago Polytechnic's Ecological Footprint

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Jen Rodgers
Sustainable Practice Advisor jrodgers@op.ac.nz